Namruchi Ashram Seva to All Devotees

Namruchi Ashram

Namruchi Ashram
By Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj
(Grand-disciple by Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta)

🌺 Harinam Ruchi by Nitainam Lekhan & Nitailila Kirtan

👁 One of the ways to get taste in the Hare Krishna mahamantra is to visualize with closed eyes each of the 10 offenseless strokes of “निताइ” (Nitainam), which remain in your mind’s sensory memory, as you slowly write them one by one with your palm in the air over each other. Your elbow may rest on a chair handle, on a table, on your knee, etc. as you write.

🎵 If you like, sing Nitainam 4 times or just listen to it while airwriting and visualizing each stroke. Also, sing or listen to Nitailila for Harinam Ruchi.

How to Cry to Radha in Radha Kund 🎵

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Today is Utthana Ekadashi and Tri-Sprsa-Mahadwadasi and Gaurkishore das Babaji’s disappearance and the first day of Bhisma Panchak. 4 in 1. (Speaks in Hindi): Aaj Utthana Ekadashi hain, Haribodhini Ekadashi hain aur Tri-Sprsa-Mahadwadasi hain. Gaurkishore das Babaji ka tirobhav hain aur Bhismadeva ke vrat ka shuruvat hain. This year is very special. I will tell you one very interesting thing. What has happened is today actually is the first 2 days of Bhisma Panchak, in one. (Speaks in Hindi): 5 din hote hai Bhishma Panchak ke is baar sirf 4 din hain. Pehele din mein dood peete hain shaamko ek baar doosre din mein dahi. Teesre din mein ghee fir go-mutra fir chaan. 5 din ka vrat hota hain Bhisma Panchak ka. Sorry mein mataji ko bataunga toh mataji karne lag jaegi. She is so austere if you tell her then mataji will do.

Toh ye 5 din ka vrat hota hain. Pehele din dood peete hain. Braj-Mandal mein rehke ye vrat kiya tha aur doosre din mein dahi, teesre din mein ghee aur chauthe din mein go-mutra aur panchve din mein chaan. Ye gaay ka pancha gavya se pancha Abhishek hota hain. Bhishma Panchak. Is baar kya ho raha hain pehele hi do din complete ho rahe hain Bhishma Panchak ke, matlab aaj hi dood aur dahi dono pee sakte hain.

Today you can take milk and dahi both because 2 days have come in one. But, tomorrow morning is at 6:48. So, after 6:48 you can do Kartik Vrat and Purnahoti Arpanam.(Speaks in Hindi): Kartik Vrat ka ant hota hain jinhone Ekadashi se Ekadashi tak kiya hain Kartik vrat ko.

Glories of Kartik Vrat

Tomorrow will be the end of the Kartik Vrat because in Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa it is said from Ekadashi to Ekadashi, so we end the Kartik vrat on Dvadashi. But fortunately, tomorrow is not Dvadashi, tomorrow is Trayodashi. So, today Ekadashi and Dvadashi and Trayodashi, all 3 are getting combined. That is why it is known as Tri—means 3, Tri-Sprsa-Mahadwadasi. So, those who don’t sleep today will get Goloka in 3 days, 3 months, in 3 years, I don’t know. But not in 3 lives.

(Speaks in Hindi): Aaj raat ko jo nahi soega, usko Goloka 3 din mein mil jaega, ya 3 hafte mein, ya 3 mahine mein. Lekin 3 janam toh kabhi nahi lagenge. Jo poori raat bhar jaagran nahi kar sakta hai usko kam se kam barah baje takt oh jaagran karna chahiye. Till 12 o’clock at least, those who cannot remain awake whole night because if you want to wake for some night then it is today’s night and Bahulastami’s night. 2 days in the year.

(Speaks in Hindi): Toh isliye aaj jjo raat ko jagran karta hai vo bhi Braj-Mandal mein nahi, Mathura-Mandal mein nahi, Radhakund mein aur jo smaran karta hain Bhagvan ka poori raat ko, usko pratah-kaal mein Radharani ke darshan hote hain. (Devotees clap).

One who remembers whole night Radharani today and offers the Kartik Vrata for the pleasure of Radharani by taking bath in Radhakund will see Radharani face to face surely. I don’t know actually all devotees from Delhi should also have come tonight because if you cannot do Kartik Vrat then atleast be present on the last day of Kartik Vrat. Don’t sleep on Kartik Vrat. (Speaks in Hindi): Agar poora Kartik Vrat Braj-Mandal mein rehke agar nahi kar sakte toh atleast aakhri aakhri Ekadashi mein toh, Haribodhini Ekadashi mein toh Braj mein hi rehna chahiye. Poori raat sona nahi chahiye. Jaise Bhisma Nirjala Ekadashi karne se saare saal ki Ekadashi ho jati hain vaise Haribodhini Ekadashi karne se Kartik Vrat ka phal milta hain.

You get the fruit of doing Haribodhini Ekadashi. That’s why app bohot bhagyashaali hain ki aap ruk gaye sab chale gaye. And Very fortunate that Syamali came to Radhakund because real breaking of Kartik Vrat is how? Real breaking of Kartik Vrat means to touch Radharani. To touch Radharani on Dvadashi on the next day. To take bath in Radharani, that is the real way because Kartika Devi is Radharani. So those who stay in Vrindavan should atleast come in the beginning. First day of Kartik Vrat of Ekadashi, offer their oblations in Radhakund and start their Ekadashi and at the end of Ekadashi atleast they should come and offer, take bath in Radhakund and end Ekadashi.

Glories of Haribodhini Ekadashi

(Speaks in Hindi): Jo bhi Vrindavan mein rehte hain, Braj mein kahi bhi rehte hai unko bhi Radhakund aake Kartik ki Ekadashi mein shuru mein Radhakund mein jal dena chahiye. Aur snaan karna chahiye. Ant mein bhi snaan karna chahiye. Aur poora mahina agar Radhakund mein nahi reh sakte toh atleast shuru mein aur ant mein aana chahiye. Aur Bahulastami ki tithi mein bhi ana chahiye. Toh bohot ki saubhagya hain ki yaha Haribodhini Ekadashi ki mahima Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa mein itne shlok, itne shlok likhe hain ki iski koi seema nahi hain.

In Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa, the importance, the glories of today’s Ekadashi are written elaborately. So many verses are there in Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa. I talked about it last year so I will not discuss it this year. But, it is very very important. The most important. Pandava Ekadashi is important for destroying our sins. But Haribodhini Ekadashi is important to get Radha Prem (Devotees clap).

(Speaks in Hindi): Pandava Ekadashi karne se paap mit jaate hain. Lekin Haribodhini Ekadashi karne se Radharani ka prem milta hain. Kyunki Kartik Maas mein, Radharani ke Maas mein hain. Jay Jay Sri Radhe Syam.

(Addresses Devotees in Hindi): Bohot hi shubh samay mein aap aaye hain kyunki aaj Haribodhini Ekadashi hain. Mataji ne sab planning karke hi rakha hoga.

(Speaks in Hindi): Aaj Bhismadeva ka vrat bhi chalu ho raha hain aur aaj Haribodhini Ekadashi hain. Narayana aaj 4 mahine ke neend se uth jate hain. Utthana Ekadashi means the Lord wakes up after 4 months of sleep. So even the soul wakes up today by doing bhakti. (Speaks in Hindi): Aatma bhi jaagrut hota hain aaj. Utthana Ekadashi hain. Aur aaj Kartik Vrat ka aakhri din hota hain. Toh isliye kal sube Trayodashi hain. Aaj Ekadashi, Dvadashi, Trayodashi sab mix hain. Isliye Tri-Sprsa-Mahadwadasi kehte hain aaj ko. Kyunki kal sube humko Radhakund ka sparsh karna chahiye. Sprsa matlab sparsh.

Tri-Sprsa, we have to touch the water of Radhakund tomorrow and when we touch the water of Radhakund tomorrow morning then our whole Kartik Vrat is accepted as an offering to Radharni. After 6:45.

(Speaks in Hindi): Exact time hain 7 se 9:30. 9:30 10 baje tak. Toh aap late bhi jaa sakte hain thoda. Thandi kam hogi fir. Lekin kal morning mein Radhakund mein snaan karega. Jo Kartik mein nahi yaha raha hain uska bhi Damodar Vrat poora ho jata hain.

Glories of Gaurkishore das Babaji Maharaj

One who has not stayed for the whole month in Braj-Mandal, even that devotee gets the result of Damodar month by taking bath in Radhakund tomorrow morning. Today Gaurkishore das Babaji, Gaurkishore das Babaji was doing bhajan as Guna Manjari. He was a manjari in Radha-Krishna’s Lila, Gopi. So, he could not bear the separation of the end of Kartik month. He could not live beyond the Kartik month because Kartik month is the month of Radharani. So, he disappeared. (Speaks in Hindi): Tirobhav tithi hain Gaurkishore das Babaji ki. Kartik mahina poora ho gaya fir uske baad Radharani ka mahina nahi hain. Ye Kartik ka mahina Radharani ka mahina hain. Isliye Gaurkishore das Babaji Maharaj ye mahine ke baad jeena nahi chahte the. Ye aakhri din tha unka, tirobhav. Unko Radharani se itna viyog that ki Kartik mahina agar poora ho jaega, uske baad mein Radharani se alag ho jaunga.

Actually, this is the secret that in this month of Kartik we are associating with Radharani in the form of the month also. That month is also that association. By staying in Radhakund we are actually staying in Radharani’s lap. We are associating with Radharani.

(Speaks in Hindi): Radhakund mein rehne se hum Radharani ka sang kar rahe hain vaise Kartik Maas mein bhi Radharani ka sangh kar rahe hain. Toh jo poora Radharani ka sangh karna chahta hain vo Radhakund mein poora Kartik ka mahina rehke har din Radharani ke jal mein snaan karke, haar din deep daan Arpan karke, har din dandvat pranam karke vo poora Radharani ka sangh le sakta hain. Toh agle saal aap try kijiye. Hum poora Hari-Bhakti-Vilasa mein humare shastron mein kaha hain, poora 11 mahine aap paisa kamaiye. Aap paisa kamaiye, dham kamaiye lekin Kartik ka mahina hain na vo Radharani ko dijiye.

Whole year, 11 months in the year by doing materialistic mundane activities, you try to earn money, become famous whatever you want to do, enjoy. And all the sins, you accumulate for 11 months will be finished in this one month.

(Speaks in Hindi): Saare 11 mahine ke paap ek mahine mein khatam ho jate hain. Lekin uska arth nahi hain vaapas jaake paap karo. Aisa mat kijiye. Doesn’t mean again I will start. Pehele ke zamaane mein, Apri-May mein bachon ko holiday nahi milte the. Kartik mahine mein holiday milte the school college mein. Kartik was the month of holidays in school, colleges.

(Speaks in Hindi): Har Ekadashi ko chutti that. Kartik mahine mein chutti tha. Kartik mahine mein sab bhakt, jeevlog Bhagvan ke Dham mein aate the. Abhi toh hume time nahi milta hain Radharani ke paas aane ke liye. Toh fir Radharani ki seva kaise milegi? If you don’t get time to come to Radharani how will you get service of Radharani? How will she give service if you cannot stay 1 month close to Radharani? Aspiring for Her service, praying for Her service. (Speaks in Hindi): Hum ek mahina hum Radharani ko prarthna nahi karenge ki hume aapki seva chahiye Golok Dham mein, Lila mein toh fir hume kaise ye seva milegi? Prarthna nahi karenge toh? Theeke koi baat nahi aap ek mahina nahi reh sakte. Lekin, dekhiye Radhika mataji aur unke dono chote bete unhone ek mahina ka Braj-Mandal parikrama kiya chalke. (Devotees clap). 15 din kiya. She sacrificed 15 days in her life for Kartik month. How many patients daily? She has 100s of patients. Bhagavati Mataji is a doctor in Switzerland. She sacrifice everything for 1 month to come here. Syamali is a big musician. She sacrificed for 1 month.

(Speaks in Hindi): Assi Assi hazar rupya kharch karke Radharani ke paas rehne ke liye aa rahe hain. Aur hum 400 rupya kharcha karke Mumbai se nahi aate. Chutti nahi milti hain meri nokri chali jaegi mein rahunga toh. Radharani pe visvas karo. Koi baat nahi aakhri din aap aa gaye hain. Bade buddhimaan hain aap. Shortcut laga rahe hain.

This is a very nice shortcut that come on the last day, take a bath and Kartik Vrat is over without even starting.

(Speaks in Hindi): Meine chalu bhi nahi kiya tha lekin poora ho gaya. Snaan kar diya. Radhakund mein itni shakti hain Kartik Maas mein ki ek din bhi rehne se ek kalp rehne ke barabar hain.

Just staying for 1 night in Radhakund in Kartik near Radharani is equal to 8.64 billion years, 1 kalpa. That much power is there.

(Speaks in Hindi): Aap visvaas nahi karenge. Kitab kholi toh Gaurkishore das Babaji ka hi prarthna khul gaya.

I opened the book and Gaurkishore das Babaji’s prayer has opened. Remarkable. I think Babaji is with us today. Gaurkishore das Babaji’s pushpa Samadhi is in Radha-Kunjabihariji Mandir. It is very very powerful. When I offer dandvat here, I feel like Babaji Maharaj is coming out and giving his blessings. It is very very powerful Samadhi.

(Speaks in Hindi): Unki pushpa Samadhi hain. Unke shareer ka Samadhi toh Navadvipa mein hain. Haan Mayapur mein hain. Navadvipa mein di gayi thi pehele. Lekin jab baad aa gayi toh Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati ne unki Samadhi ko boat mein Mayapur mein le aaye. Aur Gandharvika Giridhari ke saamne hi unki Samadhi hain. Kyunki vo Radharani ke sabse param bhakt the Braj-Mandal mein. 24 hours a day and night he was remembering the nitya-lila. He was absorbed in the nitya-lila and in the service of Radha. So, that remembrance manifested outside as extreme renunciation.

(Speaks in Hindi): 24 ghante unka lila smaran chal raha tha. Jagannath das Babaji ke baad Gaurkishore das Babaji ka. Toh vo lila smaran ke kaaran unke bahar itna vairagya pragat hua ki vo kuch khate nahi the. Vo Ganga ki mitti khate the. Bhojan nahi khate the. Vo samshan mein kisi murde ka kapda pehente the. Aur kisi khopdi mein paani peete the. Kya vairagya hain unka. Din raat Radha-Krishna ke smaran mein rehte the. Ek minute unka smaran ruk jata that toh vo Gangaji mein aatma hatya karne chale jate the. Humara toh 24 ghante mein smaran kab hota hain? Hota hain kya? Toh bhi hum hulva poori jalebi khate hain.

We don’t remember the Lord for 24 hours even for 1 minute we don’t remember the lila, still we eat nice-nice food and we want to enjoy whereas Gaurkishoredas Babaji he forgot the nitya-lila for even 1 second, he would go in the Ganga to die.

Krishna Smaran Vina Jivana Nisphala

What is the use of my life if I cannot remember Radharani? If I forget Radharani, that’s why if you see in his photo, (Speaks in Hindi): Gaurkishore das Babaji ka photo dikhao sabko. Nahi votoh Jagannath das Babaji hain. If you see in his photo, Gaurkishore das Babaji, both his hands are like this, folded, and he is always looking down.

(Speaks in Hindi): Dono haat aise jude hue hain aur neeche dekh rahe hain. Iska kaaran kya hain?

Gaurkishore das Babaji never used to look at this material world.(Speaks in Hindi): Ye sansaar mein kya ho raha hain usse unko koi lena dena nahi tha. Vo keval aankh band karke Radharani ke charan ko pakadke rakhte the dono haton se unki lila mein.

Gaurkishore das Babaji was always looking down nothing to do. Today some devotees in our sanga started posting messages from Trump. Trump has won the election in India and this and that I had to say please don’t do this. In the material world, the news is always changing. Always different news is happening. We are not interested in this news. The whole world will change every day there will be so much masala in the news.(Speaks in Hindi): Sara sansaar ye samacharon ke dekh raha hain lekin yaha Braj-Mandal mein Radhakund mein aake hume bhautik jagat ko bhool jana chahiye. Kyunki hum Golok Dham mein jab jaenge, tak humko karodo brahmando mein kya chal raha hain usse humko kya lena dena hain. Hum Radha aur Krishna ke saat mein rahenge. Nitai aur Gaur ke saat mein rahenge.

When we go into the nitya-lila we don’t think about what is happening in these millions and billions of universes. All are constantly changing. They are in a constant flux. Every day, every second there is different news happening and now some politician is coming. Someone else will come after 4 years. Continuously the world will change. Nobody can make the world better in this kali-yuga.

(Speaks in Hindi): Ye kali-yuga mein koi bhi duniya ko sudhaar nahi sakta hain. Kyunki ye Kali-yuga hain. Kali-yuga mein stiti kharaab hone wali hain. Prabhupadji kehte hain buddhimani hain, Kali-yuga mein yaha se apna kaam karke nikal jao. Golok Dham ko prapt karo. Ye kali-yuga toilet jaisa hain. Toilet mein aap jate hain. Toilet mein aap baithke nikal jate hain apna kaam karke. Aap vaha baithte hain kya hamesha ke liye Samadhi mein? Nahi.
In toilet, we don’t sit all the time. We do our work and we leave. So, kali-yuga is like that. Don’t indulge your mind in what is happening in Kali-Yuga because all that is happening is so temporary.

Bhutva Bhutva Praliyate

(Speaks in Hindi): Kabhi srijan, kabhi pralay, kabhi paalan ye sab srusti mein chalta hi rehta hain. Humara kaam yahase bahaar nikalna hain.

We have to get out of this Kali-Yuga and go to Goloka. So, let us take this vow in this Kartik month that we will try to minimize in filling our brain with the kachra, garbage of this material world.

(Speaks in Hindi): Ye sansaar ka jo kachra hain, samachar un sabse hum apne man ko bachake rakhe aur hum Bhagvan ka chintan kare. Ye humara man toh ek hi hain na. Ek room hain aap ek room mein kitna kachra bhar sakte ho uski bhi ek capacity hoti hain na? Vo bhi poora bhar jaega toh doosre koi vastu usmein reh nahi sakta.

Nothing can remain in the room if it is already filled with garbage. So, the more we fill it with garbage, the more the lila-smaran will decrease. The more we fill with lila, then the more we will always think of the lila.

(Speaks in Hindi): Mein aapko ek example deta huu. Humne aaj samachar patra mein kuch pad liya aur humko laga are aisa kyu hua. Aur fir vahi sanskaar hamare man mein reh jaenge aur mrtyu ke samay mein hume vahi yaad aa jaega. Are maine samachar patra mein vo pada tha. Vo aadmi ne aisa kyu kiya? Toh agla janam kya hoga? Uske ghar mein hum keeda banenge.

We read the newspaper and at the time of death if that thought comes, because by reading the newspaper that thought goes deep into sub-consciousness and at the time of death, our sub-consciousness is coming out. All the sub-conscious desires and thoughts will come out at the time of death. And if we remember the same thing at the time of death, we are finished. One more birth. We will become an insect in that person’s house. Who knows?

(Speaks in Hindi): Aur ek janam lena padega. Toh isliye sansaar mein rehkar hum sansaar ke samachar se poorna roop se alipt nahi reh sakte lekin Gaurkishore das Babaji ne hume sikhaya hain ki jitna jaroori hain utna hi grahan karo. Aur Bhagvan ki bhakti mein lago, Bhagvan ka smaran karo.

Always remember only whatever is necessary. Throughout the day always remember the pastimes of Radha-Krishna in your mind.

Bhala Na Khaibe Ara Bhala Na Paribe Hrdayete Radha-Krishna Sarvada Sevibe
Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe!

(Speaks in Hindi): Sab boliye ye Gaurkishore das Babaji ka bhajan hain. Jo ye gayega usko Radharani ke darshan honge.

Dekha Diya Prana Rakha Radhe Radhe Radhe Tomara Kangala Tomaya Dake Radhe Radhe Radhe Kothaya Go Premamayi Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Vrindavana-Vilasini Radhe Radhe Radhe Kanu-Mana-Mohini Radhe Radhe Radhe
Krishna-Mana Mohini Radhe Radhe Radhe Asta-Sakhira Siromani Radhe Radhe Radhe Vrsabhanu Nandini Radhe Radhe Radhe Kirtida Kumari Radhe Radhe Radhe
Barsane Ki Chori Bolo Radhe Radhe Radhe
Ek Baar Dake Kesi-Ghate Ek Baar Dake Vamsi-Vate Ek Baar Dake Nidhu-Vane Ek Baar Dake Kunja-Vane Ek Baar Dake Radha-Kunde Aabar Baar Dake Syam-Kunde Ek Baar Dake Kusuma-Vane Aabar Govardhane Radhe Radhe Go Jaya Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Gaurakishorera Bhase Nayanera Jale Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Chappana Danda Ratri-Dine Radhe Radhe Radhe Radha-Govinda Bolo Radhe Radhe Radhe
Vrindavan Mein Radhe Bolo Radhakund mein Radhe Radhakund mein Radhe Bolo Syamkund Mein Radhe Giriraj Mein Radhe Bolo Giriraj Mein Radhe
Radha Ka Nam Anmol Re Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Radha Ka Nam Laddu Re Krishna Ka Nam Ghee Re Radhakund Mein Rehkar Dono Ghori Ghori Pi Re
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Jaya Damodara Maas Jaya Radhakund Vaas Damodar Maas Mein Radhakund Vaas Jaya Radha-Damodar
Bolo Sri Sri Radha-Damodar Bhagvan ki Jaya Sri Radha Maas Srila Damodar Maas Ki Jaya Bolo Radhakund Vaas Ki Jaya Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe Syam

(Speaks in Hindi): Mere 3 saas aapke 10 saas ke barabar hain.
My 3 breaths are equal to your 10 breaths. That is why I am Guru.

(Speaks in Hindi): Isliye mein Guru hu. Guru thoda bhari hota hain. Guru ka saas bhi thoda bhari hota hain. Nahi mein roz kumbhak pranayama karta hu. Aise saas leta hu Radhe karke au raise atka deta hain. Pura atak ke man mein Radhe… Isko kehte hain Radha kumbhak.

(Devotees clap). Toh, harmonium se bhi Radhe ka Nam nikalta hain, do akshar pakadke rakhna padta hain. Toh, Radharani ka Nam nikalta hain. Sa aur Pa. Radhe… Khali sa ko pakdenge toh Krishna milenge. Krishna ro rahe hain Sa mein. Lekin Sa aur Pa ko pakde. Radhe…Poori Lehere aa rahi hain, Radharani ki shareer mein se. Prem ki leher. Yahi bhajan hain Gaurkishore das Babaji ka din raat aur vo ek hi mantra hain aur vo kya hain? Radha ka Nam. Aur usko Daak rahe hain. Radha-Kunde Dake Aabar Syam-Kunde Dake. Radhakund Syamkund mein kaise rehna hain? Daakna hain. Daakna matlab kya? Daakghar nahi. Daakna matlab pukarna. (Haribol!). Radharani ka nam hum agar Radhe Radhe karenge toh Radharani nahi aaegi. Pukarna chahiye.

Just by chanting Radha’s Name Radharani will not come. You have to cry Radha’s Name. You have to shout Radha’s Name. You have to beseech Radha’s Name. Pray to Radha’s Name. Gaurkishore das Babaji was chanting Radha’s Name everywhere in Braj.

Gosai Niyama Kare Sadai Dake Radhe Radhe

Gosai means him. Niyama Kare, it was his rule, niyama. Always he used to shout Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe because if you don’t shout Radhe Radhe Radharani will never come to you.
(Speaks in Hindi): Aap jaante hain yaha Shiyalini thi, Shiv Khari ke peeche. Vo chillane lagi Radhe! Shiyaal ka avaaz suna hain kabhi gaav mein? Bombay mein nahi hain na? Mein toh shiyaal jaisa hi hu acha avaaj nikal sakta hu.

I am worse than a jackal. But the qualification of that jackal is that the jackal is crying Radhe!
(Speaks in Hindi): Aur vo ro rahi thi. Kisi Brajvasi ne uske ghar mein aag laga diya. Toh shiyaal ro rahi thi. Koi nahi bacha sakta uska ghar jal raha hai vo bhi jalne vali thi. 200 saal pehle ki baat hain. Radhe ka Nam pukarne lagi Radhakund mein. Radhe ka Nam. Aur Radharani apni leela chodke aa gayi apne sakhiyon ke saat. Aprakat lila mein se Radharani ne prakat lila mein pravesh kiya. Kyu? Kyunki von shiyali ne Radha ka Nam pukara.

From the aprakat-lila, She entered into the prakat-lila to save that female fox. Normally foxes are very cunning. But when she shouted Radha’s Name she became un-cunning. She became simple hearted and she cried Radha’s Name. But that can happen only in Radhakund.
(Speaks in Hindi): Aap Mumbai mein Radhe pukarenge toh koun aaega? Aapke padosi aa jaenge. Bolenge band karo!

If you cry Radhe in Mumbai or in Switzerland, police will come. Stop it! Too much noise!
(Speaks in Hindi): Switzerland mein toh pin-drop silence hota hain unke desh mein. Koi avaaz nahi hota. Lekin Radhakund mein Radhe pukarne ka mahatmya hain aur vo bhi Utthana Ekadashi mein. Vo bhi puri raat, koun Radhe pukarega? Whole night, you should do Radha Dhun. You should say Radhe, you should start in the night and you should end the Dhe in the morning. Whole night should pass in Ra-Dhe.

(Speaks in Hindi): Ra abhi se chalu karna chahiye. Dhe kal sube aana chahiye. Radhe. Raat mein kitna bhi saas lo chalega. Dandvat parikrama chodo Nam lo. Nam se sab parikrama ho jati hain.
Nama Eva Para Kriya (Speaks in Hindi): Sabse badi kriya Nam hain. Sabse bada yagya Nam hain. Sabse badi gati Nam. Sabse badi mukti Nam hain. Aur sabse badi Siddhi Nam hain. Sabse bada gyan Nam hain. Sabse bada vigyaan ye bhi Nam hain. Sabse Badi tapasya kya hain? Nam. Sabse badi bhakti kya hain? Nam. Radhakund ke paas Nam lena dekho.

The highest bhakti, the highest sacrifice, the highest siddhi, everything is Nam. Just like Nitainam is very very merciful. (Speaks in Hindi): Nitainam hai dayalu Nam aur Radha ka Nam hain karunamayi Nam. Dono Krishna ke bhakton ka Nam hain, ek hain Balaram unka Nam hain Nitai, doosra Radharani ka Nam. Toh Nitai ka Nam lo aur fir Radharani ke Nam mein aaso bahao.

Nityananda Bolite Habe Pulaka Sarira Radhe Radhe Bolite Nayane Ba’be Nira
Nitai Nitai Bolke Habe Pulaka Sarira Radhe Radhe Bolke Kabhi Nayanon Mein Bahe Nira Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Dayal Nitai Jaya Dayal Nitai
Nagare Magiya Khabo Gayiya Gayiya Nitai Ami Gayiya Nitai Nitai Nitai Nache Nache Nache Nache Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai
Nitai Gauranga Boli Nachre Amar Man
Nachre Mera Man Nachre Mera Man Radhe Radhe Radh Bolke Nachre Mera Man
Gopiyon Ke Sangmein Nachre Mera Man Radha-Syam Ke Sang Mein Nachre Mera Man Radhakund Ke Kunj Gali Mein Nachre Mera Man
Tuh Nahi Nachega Toh Mar Jaega Tera Jeevan Aayega Aur Chala Jaega
Nachle Nachle Nachle Nachle Nachle Nachle Nachle Re Radhanam Ki Dhun Mein Nachle Nachle Nachle Re
Tuh Baitha Rahega Toh Peyer Kath Jaega Nachle Nachle Nachle Re Nachle Nachle Nachle Re
Man Mein Nachle Re Tan Se Nachle Re Radhanam ki Dhun Mein Nachle Nachle Nachle Re Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Tuh Nachega Toh Radha Chali Aayegi Syamsundar ke sang Radha aayegi Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Radha Ki Gopi Banke Nachle Mera Man Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Latak Matkke Jara Nachle Mera Man Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Radhakund Ki Kunj Galin Mein Radhe Radhe Radhe Syamkund Ki Kunja Galin Mein Radhe Radhe Radhe
Jhumle Mera Man Jhumle Mera Man Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Radha Ki Khushi Ke Liye Nachre Mera Man Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Manjari Bhav Mein Nachre Mera Man Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe
Radhakund Ki Kunj Galin Mein Nachre Mera Man Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Syam Sabko Mile Radhakund Dham Radhakund Mein Aaye Jeevan Ki Shaan Radha Ke Paas Le Jaye Ghansyam
Radha Ki Seva Mein Pau Vishram Radhe Ke Smaran Mein Bite Din Aur Shaam Aur Nahi Jau Mein Apne Gaav Chod Du Mein Apna Kaam Mere Guru Hain Nitai-Balaram Unhone Diya Mujhe Radhakund Dham
Mere Radharaman Hain Mere Ram Radhakund Mein Banta Mera Kaam Jo Mujhe Radhakund Se Le Jata Vo Haraam
Radhakund Mein Kunjon Mein Radhe-Syam Radhakund Mein Aaye Jeevan Ki Shaan Aur Lila Mein Pravesh Karu Mein Vishraam
Mujhe Chodke Mat Jana Vapas Apne Kaam Jo Jaega Uska Reh Jaega Kaam
Mere Saat Mein Raho Yugala Radhe-Syam
Bhul Jao Jeevan Ke Kaam Ye Kaam Na Aayenge Kaam Sabko Mile Radhakund Dham
Radha Ki Seva Mein Vishram

(Speaks in Hindi): Aap sabka bohot bohot dhanyavaad. Mere hrday se mein aap sabka aabhari hu. Aap sabko dandvat karta hu ki aapne Radhrani ke prasannata ke liye itna acha nrtya kiya. Mridang bajaya. Kirtan mein sammilit hue. Gauri toh Gauri hain usko nrtyu ki kya zaroorat hain. Gauri toh nrtya dekh rahi hain. Radharani ka Nam Gauri hain. Gauri ke khushi ke liye toh humne nrtya kiya hain. Radharani humare liye nahi nachti hain. Radharani keval Syamsundar ke liye nachti hain. Toh aaj Utthana Ekadashi ki raat mein yaha kirtan karne se humare paap aise khatam ho jate hain jaise aap rui ko aag mein dalte han. Kaise rui poora kala ho jata hai aur fir adrusya ho jata hain.

Radhakund Vaas Glories

Cotton if you put it in fire, it becomes very black. Then it disappears. Similarly, today night is the night to destroy even our 10 offenses to the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra. All the things are finished. The fire of Damodar Maas, the fire of Radhakund Vaas, and the fire of Harinam, Radhanam. All the 3 fires will combine and will destroy every anartha in our heart.

(Speaks in Hindi): Humare Hrday mein jo anarth hain, sab nash ho jaenge, aaj ki raat Radhakun mein vaas. Agar raat mein aapko neend bhi aa jae naa, toh bhi neend mein bhi sab paap khatam ho jaenge. Samadhi ka phal milega. Lekin jitna ho sake utna dham mein rehne ki koshish ki jiye.
If you fall asleep also in this night, all your sins are getting finished and you are getting closer to Radhe-Syam. Every night when I get up, I feel I am closer to Radhe-Syam. Even though I am sleeping I am not doing bhajan, any worship. But just by sleeping in Radhakund you feel very close to Radhe-Syam.

(Speaks in Hindi): Khali Radhakund mein sone se hi hum Radhe-Syam ke nikat mein aa jate hain. Toh Ekadashi mein sone se kya hoga? Humare ghar mein koi kaam hota hain, dusre din humare exam hoti hain toh hum night-out maar lete hain. Lekin Ekadashi mein jaagte nahi hain.
Bhagavati Mataji is not sleeping, she’s in the hospital, not here. In Switzerland.
(Speaks in Hindi): Poori raat bhar soti nahi hain. Hospital mein kaam karna padta hain. Toh hum ek din Radharani ke liye nahi? Bohot neend aa rahi hain mujhe! Toh koi baat nahi aaplog so jaenge toh bhi koi baat nahi aapne bohot acha kirtan kar liya. Very nice kirtan you have done. Even If you fall asleep, you will get dreams of Radharani (Devotees clap). Like Gaurkishore das Babaji. Svapne Mein Radhe. Sadai Dake.

Gaurkishore das Babaji could cry out to Radharani even in his dreams because he hardly used to sleep for 1 danda- 24 minutes. 24 minutes in the day he used to sleep or maximum 1 muhurta- 48 minutes.

(Speaks in Hindi): Gaurkishore das Babaji khali 1 danda ke liye sote the. 24 minutes. Or 48 minutes. Us time pe bhi vo neend mein bhi chillate rehte the. Radhe Radhe. Radhe! Kya unka prem hain. Unki sadhana nahi hain. Siddha purush hain vo. Toh isliye hume bhi Babaji Maharaj ke charnon mein girke hume bhi Radhanam mein ras mile. Harinam mein prem mile. Aur Nitainam mein daya mile. Prarthna karni chahiye. Jay Jay Sri Radhe. Maine 5 din se kuch khaya nahi hain. Juice piya. Mein aapse zyada bol raha hu aur aap thak gaye.

Nourishment for the soul is Bhajan

I have not eaten for 5 days. I have eaten only juice and some potatoes. That also little bit only. Still I am not tired and you all are feeling tired. So, strength does not come from food. Strength comes from Nam. Real strength,

(Speaks in Hindi): Asli Shakti bhojan se nahi. Asli Shakti bhajan se aati hain. Bhojan aur bhajan mein ek hi akshar ka farak hain. Bho-jan aur Bha-jan. Mataji bhajan gayegi kyunki mein thak gaya. 3 baar mala karo fir ek baar Prasad khao. Agar aapke saamne Prasad aaya toh pehele 3 mala karke fir khao. Toh aap din mein 4 baar khate hain toh 12 mala ho gayi aapki. If you get prasadam in front of you, chant 4 rounds before eating prasadam. Everytime chant 4 rounds. So, 4 meals in a day will be 16 rounds. 4 times you eat in a day. If you don’t eat 4 meals, then chant 8 rounds before the meal. So, it will be 16 rounds. Bhakti Pramod Puri Maharaj, he used to chant 1 lakh Names everyday. So, he used to say always. He used to chant 16 rounds before 1 meal. So, 64 rounds.

Aisa laga Radhakund ka kachuva aake lag gaya. Radhakund mein kachuva hota hain. Pakad leta hain. Toh bhajan se hi shareer mein Shakti milti hain. Bhajan se hi hum Ekadashi ka vrat kar sakte hain aur bhajan se hi hum jagran kar sakte hain. Bhojan se nahi kar sakte. Bhojan se toh neend aa jaegi. 101 saal tak rahe mere Gurudev.

He lived for 101 years. And he was eating so less. I have seen. So less. He was not eating anything. And he lived for 101 years. (Speaks in Hindi): Aisa nahi kehta hu khana chod do. Lekin bhojan ke saat bhajan karo nahitoh vo bhojan khali shareer ko hatta khatta banaega aur aatma durbal reh jaega.

If you eat only nice nice foods then the body will become very good. Good or bad I don’t know. But your soul will become very weak. There’s no nourishment for the soul. Nourishment is bhajan.

(Speaks in Hindi): Soul ka poshan hain Bhajan. Jab hum kirtan karte hain na aatma ke aaju baju Golok Dham banta hain.

The real place of the soul is Golok Dham. When we do kirtan, around the soul we are manifesting Golok Dham and the soul feels at home because the real home of the soul is Golok Dham.

Kirtan Is The Ultimate Fruit

(Speaks in Hindi): Aatma ka asli ghar kounsa hain? Golok Dham. Toh kirtan se vo Golok Dham banta hain humare hrday mein, humare aaju baaju. Kirtan nahi karenge toh hum kabhi aatma ko khush nahi kar sakte. Roj gharme kirtan karo. Koi bhi bhajan kar rahe ho – Nitainam Lekhan kar rahe ho, Harinam ka jap kar rahe ho, Katha ka sravan kar rahe ho, ye 3 bhajan hain. Lekin ye teeno bhajan ka antim laksh hain kirtan. The ultimate goal of these 3 svarup-siddha bhajan, these are the 3 svarup-siddha bhajan. Harinam Jap, Katha Sravan or reading, and the 3rd is Nitai Vayulekhan. All these 3 bhajans, the ultimate result and the ultimate fruit is kirtan. If you don’t do kirtan, you are eating only the chilka, you are not eating the fruit.

(Speaks in Hindi): Upar ka chilka kha liya andar ka phal nahi mila. Kirtan mein jo ras hain, vo asli ras hain sare bhajan ka. Sab bhakton ko harmonium ana chahiye. Harmonium bajana kisko ata hain? Haat upar karenge. Khali 2 minute lagta hain. Ek simple tune hain. Radha Radhe Radhe. Radha Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe. Khali 14 baar seekhna hain. Kitna mithas hain lekin.

Everybody Should Know To Play The Harmonium

Any bhajan you can fit in this tune, toh agle saal harmonium seekhke aayiye. Ye aapka assignment hain for 1 year. This is the assignment for all devotees for 1 year. Next year everybody should know to play harmonium.

(Speaks in Hind): Agle saal sabko harmonium ana chahiye. Kyunki harmonium mein kirtan ka ras badta hain. Aur mridang toh Balram hain sakshat. Lekin kya hota hain mridang hum sab baja nahi sakta haat dukne lagta hain fat jate hain. Toh, harmonium aur easy hain, saral hain. Saatmein mridang bajega toh harmonium ka ras karodo time bad jata hain lekin, mridang nahi bhi hoga toh bhi jo harmonium mein se svar nikalta hain, Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe. Pehele 3 baar pukaar hain aur doosre 3 baar Radha ke charnon mein pranam hain. Kitna aasan hain. Kitna meetha hain. Aapko ungli mein takleef bhi nahi hoga. Aap ungli ko yaha rest karke baja sakte hain. Mera harmonium toh itna kadak hain. Vo teakwood ka bana hain. Lekin aajkal bohot komal harmonium ate hain. Aap aisa karoge toh ho jaega. Jab koi bhi nahi hain gharmein, tabhi bhi aap harmonium se kirtan kar sakte hain. Aap harmonium se kirtan karenge toh time kaise beet jaega pata hi nahi chalega.

When you sing with the harmonium, how the time passes you will not know that. Harmonium has become like my soul. I cannot go anywhere without the harmonium now. In my room also, I cannot live without the harmonium because whenever I feel alone I start singning with the harmonium. Then I feel I am with Radharani.

(Speaks in Hindi): Log kehte hain ye Guruji akele kaise rehte hain Gufa mein? Harmonim ke vajah se. Kabhi bhi mein Harmonim bajane lagta hu aise lagte hain Radharani bhi aa gayi Syamsundar bhi aa gaye. Nitai-Gaur bhi aa gaye. Sab nach rahe hain. Poori doosri duniya mein le jata hain harmonium.

Harmonium Will Take You Directly Into The Spiritual World

Will take you directly into the spiritual world. Toh koun seekhke aaega agle saal harmonium? Ghar mein ek bhi member agar harmonim baja sakta hain toh sare member fir kirtan mein follow kar sakte hai na. Bohot acha sur baithega. Jisko gana bhi nahi ata hai uska bhi gana line mein aa jata hain harmonium mein. Kyunki harmonium ke peeche hi gana padta hain. Those who cannot sing, like me. Their song also fits because you cannot go against the harmonium. You have to sing along with the harmonium.

(Speaks in Hindi): Toh aap apne aap gana bhi seekh lenge. Bhagvan ko prasaana karna – kirtan bhi seekh lenge. Mein intazaar kar raha hu jab hamare Yasodha Putra das harmonium seekh lenge. Chahiye toh ye 1-2-3 number likhe pamphlet mein dunga sabko. This is the siddha-pranali of our mission. Writing every swar of the harmonium, because your siddha-deha is manifest in every sound. Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe.

(Speaks in Hindi): Poora, har ek svar mein humara adhyatmik shareer pragat hota hain Gopi ka shareer. Itna sundar hain harmonium ka. Isliye bohot acha hain. Jisko bhi harmonium chahiye vo Mani Manjari mataji ko phone karenge Vrindavan se. Ya aap aaye hue hain toh Harmonium le jaiye. Bhagavati mataji ke paas ekdum chotasa portable harmonium hain. Lekin bohot acha aavaz karta hain kyunki Bhagavati mataji kahi par khade rehke baithkar harmonium bajati hain.

In fact, nagar-kirtan bhi humne Ekachakra mein harmonium ke saat kiya tha itna maja aa gaya. You feel like dancing in the streets. You forget the world outside. Radhakund me bhi hum kabhi karenge. Next year we will do with the harmonium, kirtan. You forget the outside world, you get absorbed in Radharani’s mood. People laugh, cry, or criticize you, we don’t care.

(Speaks in Hindi): Hum Harmonium ke bhaav mein doobe rehte hain. Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe Radhe. Harmonium ke ras mein doobe jate hain. Aapka kanth jaise mega-amplifier hain vo bhi neeche aa jaega.

Narottama when he sings he doesn’t need a speaker. His throat is like an amplifier, speaker. That is because of his bhav. (Speaks in Hindi): Harmonium se aapke gale ka bhi tuning ho jaega. Line mein aa jaega. Gala khul jata hain. Gala kis liye diya hain Bhagvan ne? Radharani ne? Unka Nam lene ke liye. Unka Gungaan karne ke liye. In youtube, one video of the katha it has 300 views and the video of the kirtan has 3 million views.

(Speaks in Hindi): Youtube mein katha ka jo video hain, bohot achi katha, aap youtube mein dalenge, 300 log dekte hain, us katha ko sunte hain. Aur kirtan dalenge, 3 crore log us logon ko dekte hain. Itna anand milta hain. Logon ko itna anand milta hain.

They get so much happiness by kirtan. That is why all my kathas from now on are musical kathas.

(Speaks in Hindi): Toh meri katha hain vo sangeetmay katha hain. Thodasa katha beechmein kirtan, usmein mujhe bhi rasa ata hain. Mujhe spurtiyan hoti hain kirtan mein. Aur fir mein katha mein usko batata hu.

I get realizations, revelations during kirtan, Then I stop the kirtan and explain my revelations. It is very easy I don’t have to read any book.

(Speaks in Hindi): Aapko bhi hoga aap harmonium seekh lenge toh. Bohot bohot dhanyavaad. Kal Dvadashi hain. Kal feast banega. Kal Kartik Maas ka paaran hain. Jaise Ekadashi ka paaran hota hain Dvadashi mein. Kal poore Kartik ka hi paaran hain. Kal kheer banaiye kuch. Kheer, Prasad bhakton ke liye.

(Devotee asks a question)
(Speaks in Hindi): Vaha toh anek prakar key yantra hote hain. Harmonium jaise hi avaaj aati hain. Gopiyan hain vo matkon ke andar paani bharti hain. Aisa sundar avaaj nikalti hi. Veena, Tambura. Kya kya yantra hote hain. Saarangi. Bohot meetha lagta hain.

(Devotee asks a question)
(Speaks in Hindi): Jo kirtan mein bajata nahi hain vo kirtan mein nachta hain.
In Golok Dham, everything is music. You don’t know that?

katha ganam natyam gamanam api vamsi priya-sakhi

(Speaks in Hindi): Bhagvaan ke venu, Vamshi ka avaaj 24 ghante sunayi deta hain Golok Dham mein. Isliye har ek kadam rakhte hain na vo ek nrtya hain aur har ek shabda ek gaan hain.
When Gopis are speaking, their words are looking like a song. The language, there’s only one language. The language of music.

(Speaks in Hindi): Vaha ki bhasha ek hi hain, sangeet. Sabko sangeetkaar hona hain nahitoh Golok Dham mein nahi jaa paenge.

Everyone should become a musician otherwise you cant go to Goloka. If you sing like a buffalo, Radharani will say why you come in the lila? (Laughter). How can you give me happiness?
(Speaks in Hindi): Bhais ki tarah gayenge toh Radharani bolegi meri lila mein mujhe sukh nahi de paoge tum. Golok ke darvaaje ke bahar pehele ek test hota hain.

If you go to Golok, outside the door there is a test. When you ring the bell, the Lord comes and says first sing Radhe Radhe Radhe. If the tune is right you will be allowed. If you sing out of tune, go, come back after learning.

(Speaks in Hindi): Golok ke bahar test hota hain. Radhe ka Nam acha dhun mein gaake dikhao aur nachke dikhao Radhe Radhe. Fir gopi banoge. Darvaja nahi khulega Golok ka, Jao doosri baar jao, seekhke aao. Fir sikh lijiye. Fir mein aapka sununga. Aap sab sharmate hain. Sab bhakton ko ek ek karke harmonium diya jaega. Sab bhakton ka alag alag kirtan mein sununga.

Next year I will give harmonium to everybody, like a circulation and hear every devotee singing and every devotee has special bhav special voice, special mood. So, I have written only 3 pages today. I wanted to write 16 pages of a book everyday. So I have to go now and write the balance 13 pages.

(Speaks in Hindi): Mein har din Bhagvan ke bare mein 16 page likhna chahta hu toh abhi tak maine khali 3 panne likhe hue hain. Toh mujhe jana padega aur 13 panne likhna padega. Toh 13 panne mein puri raat beet jaegi. Toh mera jagran bhi ho jaega. Toh isliye aap sab kirtan karna chahte hain yaha baith sakte hain room mein. Koi cheej shravan kar sakte hain pad sakte hain. Har bhajan ka antim laksh hain Bhagvan ke upar dhyan karna. Bhagvan ke roop ke upar, meditation aur concentration. Ye dono cheej hain. Toh Bhagvan ka Nam mala mein jap karte hain na toh bhakton ka man kabhi kabhi bhatakta hain, concentration nahi hota hain meditation nahi hota. Isliye Bhagvan ke Nam ke do prakaar hain.

The 2 Forms of the Holy Name

Sound Form and syllable Form, two Forms of the Holy Name.
(Speaks in Hindi): Do Akshar Hain, Shabda Brahma aur akshar brahma. Ham jab kirtan karte hai tab Shabda Brahma ko kaan se andar le rahe hain. Lekin Akshar Brahma ko aatma tak kaise pochaenge? Akshar Brahma ko sparsh karna padega aur Akshar Brahma ko aakhon se dekhna padega.

Visualization and Touching. That is the form of taking the syllable Form of God and reaching our soul.The Name has to reach our soul in these 2 forms – sound Form and syllable Form. Sound Form it is reaching through the ear. Sparsh karne se aur dekhne se ye hamara aakhon se aur sparsh ki indriya se andar jaa raha hain. Toh ye Nitainam Lekhan hain. Ye Bhagvan ke Nam ko sparsh karna aur darshan karna, man ke aakhon se darshan karna ye zyada zaroori hain, is aakhon se darshan karne se bhi zyada. Toh ye Nitainam Lekhan bohot hi shaktishali process hain. Bohot simple hain. Toh Nitainam mein sabkuch aa gaya hain. Iske 3 bhaag hain – Sambandha, Abhideya, aur Prayojan. Sradha, SadhuSanga aur BhajanKriya, Anartha Nivrtti, Nishta, Ruchi, Asakti, Bhav, Prem. Jo Navdha Bhakti hain vo bhi 3 bhagon mein vibhagit hain Nitai ke Nam mein. Yaha Nityananda Prabhu hain yaha Gauranga Mahaprabhu ka pragatya hain aur yaha Radha-Syamsundara ka pragatya hain. So, Nitai, Gaur and finally Radha-Krishna.

Nitainam Glories

(Speaks in Hindi): Sab kuch ismein aa gaya hain. Toh sabse pehele hum na se shuru karte hain kyunki sabse pehele ye lila ki shuruvaat hoti hain ki Nityananda Prabhu ghar ghar mein jaa rahe hain aur jeev ka darvaja khatkhataa rahe hain. Aur kaise? Nityananda Prabhu seedhe nahi khade hain. Nityananda Prabhu dandvat kar rahe hain. Isliye Na- Na ka matlab hain Bhagvan bhi pranam karte hain jeevon ke paas jate hain. Apni yachni kar rahe hain. Aur jeev aur Bhagvan ka milan ye hain. Ye pehele akshar aur doosre akshare ka milan hain, vo jeev aur Bhagvan ka milan hain. Vo jeev toh seedhe khada hain lekin Bhagvan jhuk gaye hain kalyug mein. Nitai ka ye khasiyat hain ki Bhagvan jhuk gaye hain aur jeev ko sveekaar kar rahe hain. Aur ek bar jeev aur Bhagvan ka sparsh ho gaya, jaise hum akash mein sparsh kar rahe hain, ek baar sparsh ho aya toh fir Bhagvan ki poori kripa milti hain.

Ye Ni jo hain vo Bhagvan ki chatra Chaya. Chatra-Chaya mein hume vishraam milta hain- Ni. Aur Bhagvan ki kripa drsti bhi padti hain. Aap dekhiye 3 number Bhagvan ka svarup hain. Aur jo upar ka hain vo Bhagvan ka ashray hain. Bhagvan ki kripa drsti hain. Chatra-Chaya hain. Aur jaise hi teesre akshar mein hume Bhagvan ki, Nityananda Prabhu ki, Balaramji humare adi Guru hain. Sabse pehele jeev ke paas jate hain, jeev ko chatra-chaya dete hain aur ant mein jeev ko chautha akshare mein sambandha gyan dete hain, Matlab apna ashirvaad, usko aadesh dete hain apni ungli se. Jao tum Radhakund mein jao. Tumhari siddhi hogi. Bhagvan ka aadesh, sambandh, chautha akshar hain aap dekh sakte hain. Uske baad mein jab jeev ne Bhagvan ke aadesh ko maan liya, uske baad mein svayam Nityananda Balaramji ka hal hamare hrday mein neeche gir jata hain.

The plough touches our heart, starts cleaning.
(Speaks in Hindi): Humare hrday mein bhagvan ka hal, Ta. Dekh sakte hain donon ka ek hi aakaar hain. Aur ye hamara hrday hain. Ye humare hrday ki marubhumi hain. Toh ye marubhumi mein khali andhera hain. Lekin Nitai ke hal se jab ye patthar toothte hain, komal banta hain, tab humare hrday mein Parmatma rupi Bhagvan jo baithe hain, vo Parmatma 6 number mein sakshat pragat ho jate hain.

The Supersoul in our heart, when the plough of Nitai is working in our heart, the Supersoul in our heart.

Tat-Tad-Vapuḥ Pranayase Sad-Anugrahaya

In the Bhagavatam it is said, the Supersoul will manifest the Form, the Istadeva in our heart which we are always craving for. That is the 6th stroke, the Lord manifests in our heart. Then wherever the Lord is manifesting, Balaram is there, then His Brother is always there. When the Lotus Feet of Nitai falls in our heart, then our heart becomes qualified to make Gauranga Mahaprabhu appear.

(Speaks in Hindi): Jab Balaram ke charan-kamal humre hrday mein gir jate hain toh fir humara hrday komal ban jata hain. Komal toh hal se bana aur hrday premmaya ban jata hain jisse ki unke bhai Gauranga Mahaprabhu ka janam ho humare hrday mein, darshan ho. Baadmein Balaram aur Krishna Devaki ke gharme, pehele Balaram aake Devaki ke ghar ko pavitra kiya tha, fir Krishna aye the.

When Devaki’s womb was purified by Balaram then Krishna appeared. So, this Na is very important for anartha-nivrtti.

(Speaks in Hindi): Bhaktlog hajaron janmon tak atak jate hain ismein bhakti mein. Unke hrday mein kaam, krodh, lobh, moh pavitra karne ke liye. Toh ye Ta, sara hrday pavitra ho jata hain aur 7th akshar jo hain, Gauranga Mahaprabhu ka prakatya hota hain hrday mein, Aur Gauranga Mahaprabhu jab hrday mein prakat hote hain, toh apne dono bhujaon ko is tarah se upar karte hue, jo 8th akshar hain, Gauranga Mahaprabhu apni chatra-chaya mein. Pehele mein Nitai ne apne chatra-chaya mein liya. Doosre mein jo athva akshar hain usmein Gauranga Mahaprabhu ki chatra-chaya hain. Aur Gauranga Mahaprabhu hume, jaise Nitai ne hume sambandh diya hain vaise Gauranga Mahaprabhu hume abhideya dete hain, yani seva.

Gauranga Mahaprabhu gives us service like Nitai gives us sambandha, relationship. Gauranga Mahaprabhu gives us seva.

(Speaks in Hindi): Kiski seva? Radha-Krishna ki seva. Yugal-Kishore ki seva Gauranga Mahaprabhu pragat karte hain. Isliye jo 9th akshar hain, ye Radhe-Syam hain. Aap dekh sakte hain. Ee ka aakar aur Radhe-Syam ka aakaar ek jaisa hain. This side is Krishna and this side is Radharani. Unke Charan-Kamal ye hain. Charan-Kamal ka dhyan aap kar sakte hain Ee ke akshar mein. Ye unka gala hain aur ye unke haat hain. Aap unko akshare mein, Bhagvan ka svarup darshan hota hain. Aur ant mein ye prayojan tattva hain, Bhagvan ki murli. Radha-Gopinath vo aapko yaha 10th akshar mein Bhagvan ki venu sunayi deti hain. Kyunki ye 10th akshar mein prem prapt hota hain. Dashmool Tattva hain.

10 Strokes of Nitainam Lekhan Remove the 10 Offenses

Dashmool Tattva also is signified by these 10 strokes and the 10 offenses in Hare Krishna Mantra are also removed by these 10 strokes.

(Speaks in Hindi): 10 apradh jo Nam ke prati hain vo 10 apradh bhi Nam Akshar se mil jate hain. Aur Dashmool Tattva Bhaktivinoda Thakur ne bataya vo dashmool tattva bhi ye 10 aksharon se pratiniditva hota hain. Aur Bhagvan ki murli sunayi deti hain ant mein jo hum Hare Krishna Mantra lete hain, Nitainam Lekhan karne ke baad, toh hume Bhagvan ku murli sunai deti hain. (Devotees Clap). Doosri baat hain ki aap ungli se likhte hain na toh, I will explain kaise karna hain. Hum jab ungli se hava mein likhte hain toh aise band karna hain, ye ek mudra hain taaki vo jo akshar ka Shakti aa jaye. Aise mutthi ko band rakhna hain au kaise likhna hain. Hum jab likhte hain toh ungli ke tip ke tip ke upar dhyan nahi karna hain. Hume ungli se jo aakash mein aakar ban rahe hain uska chintan karna hain. Dhyan se suniye. Ungli se jo aakar ban raha hain. Jaise hum phuljadi ghumate hain na Diwali mein, toh vo aakaar banta hain.

In science, there is persistence of vision. If you move something in the air for 10 seconds or 20 seconds, that shape remains in the air.

(Speaks in Hindi): Toh Nitainam Lekhan kaise karna hain ki aapne likh liya, toh ye aakar jo ban raha hain hava mein, vo aakaar ke vo akshar ke upar dhyan dena hain. Aankh band karke kijiye ya aankh kholke jijiye koi baat nahi. Toh aap uske upar dhyan.

You have to write in big size.
(Speaks in Hindi): Chote size mein likhenge toh aakar ka dhyan kaise hoga? Ek ke upar ek likh denge.
If you write in small size, you cannot meditate on the shape. If you write very fast also, the mind has no time.
Toh aap ye mat dekhiye aapne kitni baar likha hain. Roz 10-15 minute, 5 minute jitna bhi de sake aap slow likhiye. Dheeme se likhiye. Aur har uska dhyan kijiye. Toh aapko dheere dheere Bhagvan ki lilayen jaise kirtan karne se aapko jo ras milta hain Bhagvan ke Nam, Roop, Guna, Lila vo bhi ye likhne se bhi prakat hongi.
Just like when you are feeling the Nam, Roop, Guna, Lila in the kirtan, similarly the Nam, Roop, Guna, Lila will start coming from the syllables also. If you write slowly.
(Speaks in Gujrati)

Benefits of Nitainam Lekhan

(Speaks in Hindi): Sare rog bhi nikal jate hain. Aur sparsh karne se hamare shareer mein sari spurti ati hain. Aur sparsh karne se humare Jeevan mein kast aa rahe hain vo sare nikal jate hain.
There are many other benefits like touching the Lord will remove all our diseases in our body. It will remove our ego, it will remove our bad qualities and everything will go away. We will not become angry. Ghussa nahi aaega aapko aur namra rahenge. Bohot sare vo sab fayde hain. Aur Jeevan koi takleef aayi toh Bhagvan humari raksha karenge. Kyunki humne Bhagvan ko sparsh kiya hain. Vo Nam Akshar aur Bhagvan mein koi fark nahi hain.

There is no difference between the syllables and the Lord. So, touch the Lord, the Lord will protect us throughout our day and night and will never allow any difficulties to come in our life and this is like we are making our armor.

(Speaks in Hindi): Hum shareer ke aju baju ek kavach bana rahe hain. Bhagvan ke Nam ka kavach jis kavach se hamari Raksha hogi, Toh is prakaar se aap likh sakte hain. Mein toh likhta hu toh mujhe sab lilaye dikhayi deti hain. Aapko bhi dikhayi degi.

I feel like I can see Nitai in some other universe knocking at the door of the jivas when I write Na.

(Speaks in Hindi): Aur mein jab ye liktha toh mujhe darshan hota hain ki vo jeev ke shareer mein itna prem aa gaya hain jab Nitai ka sparsh hua toh voh jeev ke shareer mein itna prem aa gaya hain. Vahi mein dekta rehta hu Na likhne ke time mein. Vah shudh bhakt ban gaya vo jeev!
That devotee had become a pure devotee just by touching Nitai’s Name. (Haribol!). Toh aap sab koun kar raha hain Nitainam Lekhan roj? Toh aap bhi shuru kijiye try kijiye 5 min, 10 min. Ye bohot aasan hain. Ismein mala bhi nahi chahiye kuch nahi chahiye haat free hain humare.

Nitai Does Not Believe In Delaying

(Devotee Speaks)
(Speaks in Hindi): Haan aapko vibration bhi aaenge bohot logon ko hua hain. Aapke jaisa anubhav South India mein bhaktlog gaye the. Ek dukanvale jo t-shirt chapa tha usko bola karne ko toh usne bhi chalu kiya usko bhi vibration aya. Kafi logon ko aisa hua. Anand ki shuruvat hain. Prabhupadji ne kaha electricity ko touch karne se aadmi ko shock lag jata hain vaise Bhagvan ko touch karne se anand ka shoch lagta hain. You get the shock of bliss.
Touch Nitai. Nitai is Nitya Ananda. Nityananda.

(Speaks in Hindi): Anand ke bhandaar hain. Nityananda ka short form hain Nitai. Anand ke bhandaar hain. Ye Ananda ka mantra hain, Jaise Om Mantra hota hain jeev ka swagat hota hain. Bhagvan ko pukarte hain. Shuruvat. Nitai Mantra hain ye practical Mantra hain. Ye anand ka mantra hain humare Jeevan mein turant hi jisko result chahiye uske liye hain.

Nitai does not believe in delaying. Immediately when you touch Nitai you get bliss you get happiness.

(Speaks in Hindi): Nitai kabhi deri nahi karte ane ke liye. Baki sab Bhagvanon ko toh bohot pukarna padta hain. Nitai ko pukarna nahi padta. Khali Nitai ko touch kar lijiye aap. Balki Nitai khud touch karne jaa rahe hain. Nitai khud hi jeev ko touch karne jaa rahe hain. Toh hum kyu nahi karenge? Dekhiye Nitai touch karne aa rahe hain toh hum unlgi denge Nitai pakadlo. Meri ungli ko pakadlo. Hum agar Pita ki ungli pakdenge toh hum chod sakte hain. Lekin Pitaji humari ungli pakdenge toh kabhi chodenge?

If we catch the hand of our father we may leave it, but our father will catch our hand. Father will never leave that. So Na is like that Nitai is coming to catch us. And very humble, Nitai is praying to us. Very very humble Form.

(Speaks in Hindi): Nityanda Prabhu. Koi nahi leta hain Nam toh unke charnon mein pad jate hain Bhagvan. Ghar ghar mein jaake. Kitne namra banke jate hain.
(Speaks in Gujrati)

If you touch the Lord you will become touchstone, Chintamani.

(Speaks in Hindi): Aur fir aap koi bhi icha karenge, kisi ke liye bhi prarthna karenge, vo poori hogi. Kyunki aap bhagvan ko touch kar rahe hain. Kai kai logon ke baal bhi khade ho jate hain itna aanand ata hain shareer mein. Bal khade ho jate. Kisi kisi ki akhon mein prem ko aasu aa jate hain. Aur kisi kisi ka kaapne lagta hai shareer.
(Devotee speaks)
(Speaks in Hindi): Hum pen se paper mein likhenge na toh Bhagvan ka touch nahi ho pata hain. Mataji pehle bohot likha hain Nam. Bohot sundar likha hain
Mataji used to write 1000 names everyday of the Lord with the pen and paper. So, that is also very good.
(Speaks in Gujrati)
(Speaks in Hindi): Toh sablog Nitainam Lekhan kijiye aur anand mein doob jaiye. Ye seedha mansi meditation, smaran hain. Aur mansik jap hota hain vo normal jap se 1000 times jyada shaktishali hain.

Mental meditation is 1000 times more powerful than audible according to Hari-Bhakti-Vilas. According to Ramayan and Vaisnav Tantra, it is said that

Japat Shata Gunam Punyam Ram Nam Pralekhane

(Speaks in Hindi): Nam likhne mein 100 time zyada punya milta hain jap se bhi.
So we get 100 times more it said in the Vaisnav Tantra because it is as good as meditation. Chanting is also included because we are doing mentally. You will ask why Nitai’s Name only? Because Nitai’s Name is:

Emona Aparadha Toh Nai Re

There are no 10 offenses. Nitai is going to the offensive people. Chandal, Jagai Madhai and He is giving them Nam.

(Speaks in Gujrati)
Why Nitainam? Because Nitainam is very merciful. And this ego, the front finger is
(Speaks in Hindi): Hum sabka dosh nikalte hain tune aisa kiya. Ye ungli se. Ye dosh ki ungli hain aur dosh ki ungli Radha-Krishna bhi sveekar nahi karte. Radha Krishna bolte hain tum ahankar pehele choddo fir hamare paas aao. Dosh ki ungli koun sveekar karega? Nitai
This is our ego-pointing finger. Who will accept? Radha-Krishna don’t accept this finger. Who will accept this finger? Nitai because Nitai is

Akrodha Paramananda Nityananda Ram

(Speaks in Hindi): Bhagvan ke avtar mein vo thode gusse vale the. Lekin jab Nitai ke roop mein aaye kaliyug mein unhone sab gussa chod diya. Sab jeevon ke oopar kripa karne ke liye daya ke roop mein, Toh isliye humare ahankar ko koun pavitra karega? Nitai karenge. Aur humare paas asli ahankaar aayega. Ki mein Bhagvan ka ansh hu. Asli ahankar Bhagvan ko sparsh karne se.
I am a part of the Lord, we will get the real ego by touching the Lord.

(Speaks in Hindi): Koun nahi karega? Aapko jail mein band kar denge aapki jap mala le lenge toh bhi aap kar sakte hain.
(Devotee Speaks)

Nitainam Lekhan Miracles

(Speaks in Hindi): Kisi bhi time pe kar sakte hain aap. Koi niyam nahi hain. Itna dayalu hain. Bhagvan ko direct touch kar sakte hain. Abhi Damodar Prabhu ka kal aya tha ek hospital hain. Rajavadi hospital mein ek aadmi aya jiske dono peyer kat gaye. Haat bhi nahi hila raha hain. Uske haat pakadke unhone karaya. Us tareeke mein vo jap kar sakta tha? Nahi kar paya. Uske peyer poore kat gaye dono usse karaya uska dard kam ho gaya poora. Vo itna dar raha tha operation ke liye. Ek ladki aayi usko bola 99% ye marne vali hain operation mein. Toh Damodar Prabhu ne kya kiya sare jo unke assistant the, surgeon the, doctor the, unko alag room mein le gaye sabko Nitainam Lekhan karaya. Aur bola abhi operation karo. Toh unke sparsh se unhone Nitai ka sparsh kiya fir unhone ladki ka sparsh kiya toh ladki theek ho gayi.

1 girl she was about to die in the hospital. She came to the hospital. So Damodar das took all the doctors and all the assistants, to the other room and they all did Nitainam Lekhan they were touching Nitai. And they came back and did the operation. Because of the touch of Nitai, there was 1% chance of that operation being successful and that operation was successful. So many miracles are coming. We are making a list but we forget.

(Speaks in Hindi): Hum bhool jate hain. Bohot sare chamatkar aa rahe hain bhakton se. Iska har mahine ek bulletin chapna chahiye. Kya kya ho raha hain, sab alag alag.

Every month we should print one miracle. Then the faith increases. Mataji also is treating the patients.

(Speaks in Hindi): Pehele patient pe aisa karne se sab jadu-tona door ho jaega. Kisine jadu-tona kiya hain.

If somebody has done black magic also, it is very easy. You look at the person you do this. The black magic will go away from the body. If somebody’s heart is paining, somebody’s hand is paining, you write like I am writing on their body, Nitai. It is known as Reiki. They do Reiki without touching in the air. This is touch Reiki. Nitai Reiki. Any part of the body is paining, you write Nitai on that for 5 minutes. The pain will subside. If you want to do Nitai-Chi. Today we got the video

(Devotee asks Question)

(Speaks in Hindi): Nitai toh sabke liye hain. Nitai koi yogyata dekte nahi hain. That is the advantage. Radha-Krishna’s Name you need to be pure to touch. But Nitai, anybody can touch.
(Speaks in Hindi): Prasad liya sabne? Shaam ka? Oh please Prasad time.

By Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, November, 2016, Radha Kund.
Transcription Service done by Siddesh Kannan.


Doubts and Leaving

🌷 Shrila Prabhupada said that since Bhakti is a fight against maya, don’t be surprised at those who leave, because there will always be a lot of casualties, doubts, lack of faith, or criticism in this war against maya.

🌷 We all know that millions die in a war. Only a handful survive. No one is surprised by that because nobody can stop that from happening. Even among thousands of Shrila Prabhupada’s disciples, only hundreds survived in Bhakti to their Gurudev till the end.

🌷 Instead, he told us to be extremely surprised that, even in such a horrible Kaliyuga which causes suspicions at the drop of a hat towards even our eternal well-wishers, some faithful and sincere souls are still existent, who are maintaining their faith in Guru and the Lord, no matter what. They are truly eligible to enter into the nitya-lila with their Gurudev.

🌷 Even then, those who came to know about Nitai Gaur, but then gradually fell away due to the attack of maya by doubting true vaishnavas, have not lost anything. The Bhakti they have done will always remain and will awaken at a later stage due to the causeless mercy of Nitai. So why should we lament so much that they have left and disrupt our own faith and Bhakti in Guru and the Lord?

🌷 We should never judge the purity of a vaishnava by how many followers remain with him or her over time. Siddhas like Shrila Vamshidas babaji had no followers at all because almost everyone considered him mad. Many came and left Shrila Gaurishor das babaji with doubts. Almost all followers of Shrila Jagannath das babaji left him when he left Vraja to go to Navadvipa. No one could understand him. There are so many examples like this. Does that mean that they were not siddhas? The number of followers increasing or decreasing has nothing to do with the eternally perfect position of a rasika vaishnava.

🌷 If one gets disturbed by others doubting or leaving the shelter of a pure vaishnava, that means one’s own faith in that vaishnava was never strong all along. One had doubts deep within one’s ownself. So the problem is within us, not in others leaving. Why should others leaving or staying bother us in the least in our Bhakti to our Guru, Guruvarga, Nitai, and Gaur Radha Krishna? Are they going to take us to Goloka or is our Guru and Guru Parampara going to take us to Goloka? We have to set our priorities straight. We should rather try to work on ourselves and purify this doubtful mentality of ours.

🌷 We should do Bhakti solely for the pleasure of Guru and Krishna, not for the purpose of being with others in such and such association. Our Bhakti is nourished by pure Guru and Acharya vani, not by having others with us. It is also not destroyed by others leaving us as long Guru, Guru Parampara, and Nitai are with us. That is pure Bhakti.

🌷 Our Bhakti never decreases if others leave because that does not matter at all. Every soul may not have the sukriti to complete the journey in Bhakti in this life itself, even under a pure vaishnava. Only we can harm ourselves if we get disturbed by such external changes in this flickering world where nothing in permanent. it is the problem of those who leave, not ours.

🌷 Instead of letting our doubts turn into mountains, and then taking others down with us by sharing those doubts with them too, we should directly ask all the questions to the vaishnava whom we are doubting, and give him or her a chance to explain. If one is still not satisfied with the answers, then one should increase once own sadhana to root out this doubtful mentality from the core of the heart, if one has already been convinced that the vaishnava is pure through hearing the transcendental sound vibration from him or her.

हरे कृष्ण! Jai Guruvarga! जय निताइ! Dandavats.

Radha’s Lotus Feet 🎵

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Anayase Pabe Giridhari

On your head. Then suddenly without any effort you will see Lord Giridhari on your path waiting for you face to face. Lord Giridhari will appear to you to beg “Oh give me, give me also.” You know Lord Krishna Himself, He takes bath in the dust of the Lotus Feet of Radharani because He is not able to fathom the divine moods of Sri Radhika. So, anayase pabe giridhari. Radharani’s palya-dasis are in such high position, even Krishna is begging to them.

(Speaks in Hindi) Krishna bhi bheek maangte hain Radharani ke dasiyon ki.

Anayase means it is already confirmed that you will get Krishna, that is a side-effect that you will see Giridhari. But the real happiness is to get the seva of Radharani’s Lotus Feet. So, that is the essence of bhakti and that dust of Radharani’s Lotus Feet is found only in Radhakund. Where is it found? Radhakund. Because everywhere else in Braja, the dust of Radharani’s Lotus Feet is mixed with the sakhas, the cows, and the Gopis and Krishna, everybody is walking. But in Radhakund, only Radharani comes here, Radhika. And She lovingly looks around Radhakund. She’s completely enchanted and that dust is only available here. That’s why Radhakund vaas is the highest form of all bhajan because by residing in Radhakund, one is 24 hours in contact with Radha charan-renu. (Devotees clap).

(Speaks in Hindi) Radhakund mein vaas karne se 24 ghante hume Radhika ke charan-renu ka sparsh milta hain. Isliye Radhakund vaas ke samaan aur koi vaas nahi. Baki Braj mein toh Radha ka charan-renu milna bohot mushkil hain.

Bhushana Kariya Tanu

Bhushana means Radharani’s Lotus Feet, Radharani’s dust is our ornament. That devotee who makes it our ornament in our head and our body. That is why we do Radhakund Tilak. When we do Radhakund Tilak, it is like Bhushana Kariya Tanu. The mud of Radhakund, when we do tilak. For kathas I do Gopichandan Tilak, for my internal bhajan I do Radhakund Tilak. So, Radhakund Tilak is like Radharani’s charan-renu. anayase pabe giridhari – what to speak of attaining Giridhari, but if you take Radha’s charan-renu on your body, Giridhari will fall at your feet begging for that charan-renu. What do you want? Krishna Himself falls at the feet of Radharani’s manjaris. Krishna says “Please manjaris, give me. You are always massaging the feet of Radhika. When will I get that good fortune? I will never get it. So please give me that dust of your Lotus Feet, because by taking the dust of your Lotus Feet, I will get the dust of my praneshvari Radhika.”

(Speaks in Hindi) Krishna manjari ke charnon mein gir jate hai. Radha ke charan-renu ki bheek maangte hain. Hey manjari tumhara charan-renu dedo kyunku tumhe Radhika ka charan-renu mil raha hain.

Radhika-Caranashraya, Je Kare Se Mahashaya, Ta’re Mui Jao Bolihari

One who takes shelter of Radharani’s Lotus Feet, that person becomes Mahashay. Mahashay means very very great personality. Why great personality? Because externally he is a great personality. Internally that personality has attained the service of Radhika in her manjari form. So those who have realized their siddha-deha in connection with Radha Dasyam, those souls are mahashay in the material world, externally.

(Speaks in Hindi): Jo andar se Radha ki dasi hai vo bahar se mahashay ho jate hain.

Seva Sadhaka-Rupeṇa, Siddha-Rupeṇa Catra Hi

Those who have attained svarup-siddhi, they are the only ones in this world who are saying that they don’t have svarup-siddhi. Everybody who have not attained svarup-siddhi say I have attained svarup-siddhi. But those who have svarup-siddhi, they are so humble, like Narottama das Thakura, Krishnadas Kaviraj, they don’t let anybody know how deep their meditation is in Radharani’s seva. Je Kare Se Mahashay – there is another meaning to this statement. It means Narottama das Thakura is saying that one who takes shelter of Radharani’s Lotus Feet, that soul will become a manjari. Then I will associate with that soul. That soul will become my friend. And, that soul is great in my estimation. Tar’re mui jao balihari – I will constantly serve that soul in the nitya-lila. In the nitya-lila, there is huda-hudi. Chaitanya Charitamrta says nitya lila mein huda-hudi hain. Kayki huda-hudi hain? Huda-Hudi to serve the servants of Radhika. That is the competition going on in the nitya lila. Who will serve the servants of Radhika better? And who will serve the servants of the servants of the servants of Radhika. That is the huda-hudi, competition. If you want to do competition? Then become the servant of the servant of the servant of Radharani. That is real seva. Ta’re mui jao balihari. Narottama das Thakura says one who serves Radharani, takes shelter of Radharani’s Lotus Feet… taking shelter of Radhakund is taking shelter of Radharani’s Lotus Feet.

(Speaks in Hindi): Radhakund mein vaas karna ye Radharani ke charan kamlon ka ashraya hain aur yaha hi sab siddhi milti hain.

All perfections you get in Radharani’s Lotus Feet, similarly all perfections you get by residing in Radhakund. And if takes a very long time, our Nitai is there. So, Nitai ensures that we get Radharani’s mercy in a very short time. That is Nitai’s speciality.

Jaya Jaya Nityananda Charanaravinda, Jaha Hoite Ami Painu Sri Radha Govinda

I got Radha-Govinda so fast. Krishnadasa Kaviraj says. So ta’re mui jao balihari. One who is always meditating on Radharani’s Lotus Feet, I will serve that person. Balihari does not only mean to serve. Balihari means to give oneself completely, to surrender. To surrender to whom? Not to Radharani, to surrender to someone who has taken shelter of Radharani.

(Speaks in Hindi): Samarpan kisko karna hain? Radharani ko nahi. Aise bhakt ko jisne Radharani ki sharan li hui hain.

Nowadays, devotees don’t want to surrender to anyone. But if we see in Gaur Lila, Vaisnavas to surrender even to the neophyte devotees. Kalidas was taking the maha-prasad of even the kanishta adhikaras. Kalidas was eating the remnants of even the kanishta adhikaris because Kalidas knows, by serving the servant of the servant I will please the Lord. That is why Gauranga Mahaprabhu gave him His charanamrta, ultimately which nobody has drunk. Charanamrta was not available to Svarupa-Damodar. Govinda, His own servant couldn’t get that charanamrta. That charanamrta was given to Kalidas, why? ta’re mui jao balihari. Balihari, he surrendered himself to the Vaisnavas. That is real way to get Radha Dasyam. If we don’t surrender to Radharani’s devotees in this material world, how will we surrender to Radharani’s eternal parikars, eternal associates in the spiritual world? We can never surrender. So je kare se mahashay. So many devotees are doing Giriraj parikrama but what they are saying, prayer? Radhe Radhe Shyam Se Milade. This prayer is actually the reverse of our Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy. (Devotee Speaks). You are right, Nitai’s mercy we get Radharani and Radharani’s mercy we get our svarup in the Nitai-Gaur Lila also.

So, Radhe Radhe Shyam Se Milade. This prayer is actually like going to the highest diamond, the most powerful personality in the whole creation and instead of asking for Her service, we are asking for Krishna’s service. Radhe Radhe Shyam Se Milade. Krishna is laughing, Krishna is saying I want Radha’s service and you are saying Radhe Radhe Shyam Se Milade. You are praying to Radharani to give Krishna’s service. Even if you say Krishna Krishna Radhe Se Milade, still the problem is Krishna cannot give Radha Dasyam. Radha Dasyam is so rare it is not even available for Krishna. He becomes Shyam Sakhi but he cannot become Shyam Manjari. Have you ever heard of Shyam Manjari? Not possible. So Radha’s seva is not available in the mood of the manjari. As a sakhi He can do. So what we should pray? Radhe Radhe seva ko dede (Laughter). Nitai Nitai Radhe Se Milade. Only Radharani can give Radha Dasyam. Just like in Radhakund, when all the holy places, they wanted to go to Radhakund, they asked Krishna can we go to Radhakund. Krishna said I have no objection the problem is I don’t have any jurisdiction. In Radhakund, if you want to go you are free to go but the problem is don’t ask Me. Ask Radhika. Only She can give you permission. Even I cannot.

(Speaks in Hindi): Radha ka jo seva hain vo Krishna bhi nahi de sakte. Vo Radharani hi de sakti hain. Is liye Radhe Radhe Shyam se milade, agar hum bolenge toh Radharani humko chod degi jao Shyam ke paas. Meri seva nahi chahiye Shyam ki seva karo.

If you say Radhe Radhe Shyam se milade, Radharani will say okay you serve Krishna, you don’t want my service, serve Krishna, be happy. Radharani is very sensitive. One babaji, he went to Dwarka from Radhakund and Radharani withdrew all Her mercy. Very very sensitive. Radharani wants complete surrender. One pointed service.

Jeena Yaha Marna Yaha Radhakund Hai Jaha

We should tell Radharani Oh Radharani I will take not one-hundred, not one-thousand, not one million, I will take ten-million births in Radhakund and ten-million times I will die in Radhakund until I get your seva. Until I get your dasyam. Have you heard this kind of prayer before? Suddenly that prayer appeared in my heart, because of all your association.

(Speaks in Hindi): Radhakund mein jeena, Radhakund mein marna. Radharani ko kehena ki Radha ek janam nahi dus janam nahi sau janam nahi, dus hajaar janam nahi, ek koti janam bhi hum Radhakund mein jeenge aur marne ko taiyaar hain jab tak aapke seva mein lila mein pravesh nahi milta, aapki seva mein.

Oh, Radhe I don’t want to enter the nitya-lila as a servant of Krishna. I want to enter the nitya-lila as your servant. This is the prayer of the manjaris. I will wait for many many lifetimes. But I don’t want any shortcut. However long it takes, Radharani, I want to become your palya-dasi. Every moment, I want to be maintained by you. Every moment I want to think about you. Every moment I want to serve you. I don’t care what Krishna is doing in the nitya-lila in the asta-kaliya lila. I only care about Radhika, para-devata.

(Speaks in Hindi): Har kshana mein aapka sochna chahti huu. Har kshana mein aapki seva chahti huu.

So those people who come with this mood, for them Radhakund is the best place, best place to do bhajan. Other moods are good but then they have not understood the essence of Radhakund. So indirectly Narottama das Thakura is saying one who is doing Radhakund vaas, I am their servant. I am their housekeeper. I am their slave, serving them.

(Speaks in Hindi): Jo Radhakund vaas karte hain Narottama das Thakura kehte hain mein unka gulaam huu. Kyunki ve Radharani ke charan ka ashray lete hain.

Nobody will take shelter 24x7x365 of Radhakund. Like our Yashoda-putra das has become more than a sanyasi. Even sanyasis don’t stay so much in Radhakund. But he has given up his big bungalow in Delhi and so much property. So people come and go in Radhakund. But only those who want Radha Dasyam, they will stay here forever.

(Speaks in Hindi): Log aate hai jaate hai darshan karke. Lekin jo Radharani ke dasi banna chahata hai vo humesha yaha reh jata hain. Yaha se apna per bahar nahi nikalta.

And really the remembrance you get in Radhakund is not possible in any other place. Not even in Vrindavan. I myself was brahmachari for 12years and did so much bhajan in holy places. But when I came to Radhakund I was transported immediately. It is not possible, the air is full with manjari prem. The words of the manjaris talking to eachother, you can hear here in Radhakund. It is so easy to become friends with the manjaris by staying in Radhakund. You will bump into a manjari as you are walking. Like the thieves who came to kill Vishvanatha Chakravarti. They saw a manjari. So, that’s very very easy. And what you should do, staying in Radhakund?

Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Radhanam
Vrindavan Hai Jinka Dham
Radhakund Hai Jinka Dham
Shyamkund Hai Jinka Dham
Krishna-Sukha-Vilasera Nidhi Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Radhanam

Some people say why are you chanting the Name? What will you get by chanting the Name? But the surprising thing is in the nitya-lila, Krishna’s only business is to chant the Name of Radha. Chanting the name is nitya seva. It is not ordinary seva. Krishna Himself is chanting Radhe Radhe Radhe. When Madhumangala speaks Ra-dha in Krishna’s ear, Krishna faints. Then subala has to catch him. Just when he speaks Ra-dha. Krishna cannot, cannot relish the full nectar, unlimited nectar of Radha’s name. Krishna-Sukha-Vilasera-Nidhi. What a beautiful line Narottama das Thakura is speaking. He is telling that Radha’s Name is the only happiness for Krishna. And in that ocean of happiness, Krishna actually performs His vilasa, His pastimes. In the ocean of happiness of Radhanam.

(Speaks in Hindi): Radhanam ke samudhra ke amrit mein Bhagvan Krishna nirantar vilas karte hain.

Hena Radha Guna Gaan
Na Sunilo Mora Kaan
Vanchita Karila More Vidhi

So, Hena Radha Guna Gaan. Everybody who stays in the ashram, it is compulsory they have to come for the katha once in a day.

(Speaks in Hindi): Humara khaanaa peenaa karma ho jaega katha ke bina. Adhyatmik Jeevan humara durbal ho jaega.

Caitanya Caritamrta says without hearing every day, our spiritual life is very weak.

Katha Amrt Vine Khaye Jadi Anna Paani

We can fast for 2-3 days, but we cannot fast without shravan and kirtan. Without hearing and chanting we should never fast. If one fasts from food, no problem. We should never fast from that. That’s the food of our soul. We keep our body healthy, we kill our soul. No use.

(Speaks in Hindi): Humare shareer ko svast rakhte hain lekin aatma ko maar rahe hain. Radha ka Gun-Gaan roz sunna chahiye.

In Radhakund we should hear Radha’s glories every day. Narottama das Thakura is doing that. Because Radharani is our ultimate destination. She is our svamini, pranesvari. Our ultimate yuthesvari. Na sunilo mora kaan. Vancita karilo mora vidhi means looks like my soul has been separated. What is my body? What is the use of my destiny? My destiny has cheated me without Radha’s glories. What is the use of my life? We don’t understand that Radha’s glories are the food for our soul because hearing Radha’s glories nourishes the desire in us to become the maidservant of Radha, the kinkari of Radharani, hearing Radha’s glories. Hearing Krishna’s glories we will want to go to Krishna and serve Krishna. Hearing Radha’s glories we will want to serve Radharani.

(Speaks in Hindi): Is liye Radha ki mahima sunni chahiye.

Just like in Ekachakra Dham, we hear Nitai’s glories because Nitai is the only One who can give us Radha. By coming here we should Radha’s glories because by the mercy of Nitai we got this chance to breathe the air of Radhakund. We should express our gratefulness for that by singing Radha’s glories.

(Speaks in Hindi): Radhakund mein vaas mila iska soubhagya ke badle mein hume Radha ka gungaan karna chahiye.

So everybody says Radhe Radhe, Radhe Radhe. I pray to Radha to get Radha. There are meanings why we say Radhe Radhe.
(Speaks in Hindi): Shuru mein Radha ant mein Radhe. Radha se prarthna kar raha huu Radhe ke liye. Radhe Radhe.

One time people don’t remember. So Radhe, Radhe. Just like you saw few days back, Bhaktivinoda Thakura said that Radhika-bhava-gambhira chitta.

That devotee whose mind and concentration and his heart are fully in Radha’s remembrance, in Radha’s service, associating with such a devotee only we can get Radha. No other way. (Recites a verse). You will never get Syamasundara… So, Radha. If we want to do seva in Radhakund we have to hear. Then we can do seva. Without hearing? Mataji is so seva-bhavi. We are singing the glories of Radha for you and you are sitting up. So, Heno Radha Guna Gana Na Sunile Jara Kaan. Wherever Radha’s Guna Gana is happening, immediately we should open our ears and we should hear them because in the association of Radha Bhaktas we will have Rasa Lila Prema Katha. What kind of Katha? Rasa Lila Prema Katha.

tara bhakta sange sada, rasa lila prema katha, ye kore se pay ghanasyama

(Sings in Hindi) Radha Bhakton ke sang mein sada, rasa lila prema katha
Jo kare vo paye ghanasyama

When we sing Radhanam in the association of Radha Bhaktas, who are very deep in Radha’s remembrance, then the real rasa comes, the real mellow of bhakti arises in our heart. And the prema katha, the union and separation of Radha and Krishna is known as prema katha. What it is known as? Prema-Katha. Prema Vaichitra Vilasa. Meeting, but still there is separation. Rasa Lila. And this rasa lila is there in Radha’s Name. Even singing Radha’s Name is Radha’s katha. You don’t have to do anything.

(Speaks in Hindi): Radha ka Nam lena yahi Radha ki katha hain. Sab Radha ka ras Radha ke Nam mein aata hain. Aur Ghansyam saamne aake khade ho jate hain.

If you drown in rasa-lila prema katha with Radha’s devotees, then Ghansyam will come and stand before you. You will get Ghansyam. Syamsundara will become yours because Syamsundara also wants to listen to Radha’s katha, rasa katha. His ears are always open to hear. One who is averse to hearing Radha Katha, to meeting with Radharani’s devotees, I will not hear their name. Narottama das Thakura is saying I will not hear their name. I don’t want to know about that person in this world who doesn’t want to hear about Radharani.

(Speaks in Hindi): Mein aise jeev ka nam nahi sunna chahta. Mein aise jeev se milna nahi chahta jo Radharani ki katha mein nahi aate.

So many people are busy in this world in their own mundane activities to make themselves rich, to run after money. Money is like honey. For us, Radhanam is like honey. And Radhnam is our money, currency of Radhanam. So many people are wasting their lives for nothing. Real nectar is there in these two syllables, Radha. Radhe ke do aksharon mein sara amrt hain.

ihate vimukha yei, tara kabhu siddhi nai,
nahi yeno suni tara nama

krsna nama gane bhai, radhika carana pai,
radha nama gane krsna candra.
sanksepe kohinu kotha, ghucao monera byatha,
duhkamaya anya katha dhanda

Sab ko mile Radhakund dham
Radha Radha Radhanam
Radhakund chodke koi na jaae gaav
Sab ko mile Radhakund dham
Radhakund dete hai Nityananda Ram
Nitainam le Ghan se mile
Harinam mein ruchi mile Radhakund Dham
Radhakund Dham bolo Radhakund Dham
Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Nityananda Ram

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Haribol Haribol Hari Hari Bol
Radhakund ki kunj mein dol
Haribol Haribol Hari Hari Bol
Jaya Jaya Jaya
Jaya Jaya Radhesyam
Harinam Sankirtan Mahayagya ki Jaya
Sri Damodar Maas ki Jaya
Sri Paramarasaya Karunamayi Sri Radhakund Syamkund ki Jaya
Sri Giriraj Maharaj Govardhan Maharaj ki Jaya
Sri Vrajabhumi Vrindavan Dham ki Jaya
Sri Hare Krishna Maha Mantra ki Jaya
Sri Radhe-Syamsundara ki Jaya
Sri Parama-patitapavana Radhasyama seva pradata Sri Nitaichand ki jaya
Sri Radha-Krishna yugala svarupa Sri Gauranga-Syam ki jaya
Sri Astasakhi Vrinda ki Jaya
Chousatha Manjari Gana ki Jaya
Radhakund Syamkund samast Lila ki Jaya
Sri Ekachakra Dham ki Jaya
Navadvipa Mayapur Yogapith Dham ki jaya
Sri Vipralamba Ksetra Jagganatha Dham ki Jaya
Sri Jamuna Maiyya ki Jaya Sri Ganga Maiyya ki Jaya
Sri Rupa Sanatana Gopal Bhatta Das Raghunatha Shada-Goswami Prabhugana ki Jaya
Sri Ananta-Koti Vaisnava Vrinda ki Jaya
Sri Guru Parampara ki jaya Sri Guru Varga ki jaya
Sri Karthik Maas Mein Radhakund aane vale samast bhakton ki Jaya
Sri Damodar Maas mein niyama sevakari Dham vasi Kund vasi braj bhumi vasi dham vasi samast bhakta vrinda ki jaya
All glories to the assembled devotees. All glories to Harinam Sankirtan and Nitainam Lekhan ki Jaya
Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe Syam

(Speaks in Hindi): Damodar Maas mein hum Radhakund mein jitna bhi time hum bhajan karenge uska koti time phal milega. Is liye hum dham mein aaye hai toh kirtan bohot karna chahiya.

When we do kirtan in Damodar Maas on the banks of Radhakund, we get millions of times more benefit. Kartik Maas we should do lots and lots of kirtan. We should absorb our mind in kirtan, rasa.

(Speaks in Hindi) Kirtan-rasa mein doob jana chahiye kyunki yahi Kaliyug ka asli ras hain. Prabhupadji kehte the teesra mahayudh hoga tabhi jo kirtan kar raha hoga usko kuch nahi hoga. Atom Bomb girega toh bhi kuch nahi hoga.

Prabhupada used to say if the whole world is devastating, annihilating, but those who do kirtan, kirtan-rasa will never be affected by universal devastation. What to speak of earthly devastation? Because they are always safe. If they live also they are safe because they are doing kirtan. If they die also they are safe because they are going to Goloka because they are doing kirtan.

(Speaks in Hindi): Kirtan karne ke time mar jaenga toh bhi Golok milega aur jeenge toh bhi kirtan kar rahe hain, kirtan ke ras mein doobe hue hain. Koi nuksan nahi hain. Aap vitthalvadi mein karte hain na kirtan. Vitthal ke bhagvan ke bhakt Tukaram Maharaj… Kirtan hi tha. Jaya Jaya Ram Krishna Hari. Vitthalvadi ka nam safal banaenge aap kirtan ke saat. Radha-Madhav bhi khush ho jaenge kirtan se. Vitthalvadi ka nam safal banaenge aap kirtan ke saat. Radha-Madhav bhi khush ho jaenge kirtan se.

They stay in a place called Vitthalvadi. Vitthal is the Lord of Kirtan in Maharashtra. Everybody goes to the Lord of Vitthala with kirtan. Without kirtan, Vithal will not reciprocate. So, thank you very much.

(Speaks in Hindi): Aaaj humne Radhika-charana-renu nam ka bhajan gaya Narottama das Thakura ka bohot sundar bhajan hain.

radhika-carana-renu, bhushana kariya tanu,
anayase pabe giridhari
radhika-caranashraya, je kare se mahashaya,
ta’re mui jao bolihari

jaya jaya radha-nama, vrindavana ja’ra dhama,
krishna-sukha-vilasera nidhi
hena radha guna gana, na shunila mora kana,
vancita karila more vidhi.

(By Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, November, 2016, Radhakund)

Transcription Service done by Siddesh Kannan

The Sweetness of Radhakund and My Journey 🎵

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The temple of Ananga manjari

In the centre of Radhakund there is a golden temple of Radharani’s sister Ananga manjari. After jal krida (water pastimes) in Radhakund, Radha and Krishna They sit down in Ananga Rangada kunja and They hold the beauty of all the eight kunjas of Radhakund.

pavan manda sugandha sheetal hema mandir shobhitam , nikate giri shobhat nirmal radhakund manoharam. Even the air of Radhakund awakens our ekadasa bhav, our siddha deha, our spiritual form just by residing in Radhakund. pavan manda sugandha sheetal. The fragrance of Radhakund! To smell the fragrance of Radhakund, we cannot smell through our material body. We need our spiritual form. The fragrance of Radhakund awakens our siddha deha automatically. Because we want to smell it. And to see the beauty of Radha kund, we need spiritual eyes. Transcendental eyes. That transcendental eyes are also given by Radhakund. By the mercy of Radhakund. By taking bath in Radha kund all our senses become transcendental. By looking at Radhakund, we get same result as looking to Radharani.

pavan manda sugandha sheetal hema mandir shobhitam, nikate giri shobhat nirmal radha kund manoharam. When our mind is completely enchanted in Radhakund then maya will never enter our mind. We will become conquerors of maya. In Radhakund, there are two kinds of kunjas. One is the mukhya kunja and second is the upa kunja. The kunja of the sakhis are total eight and inside the kunjas of sakhis are the small kunjas of manjaris. And the manjaris’ kunjas are very beautiful. Very beautiful! From all the kunjas, different sounds are coming. All the gopis are playing different musical instruments so the sound of Radhakund, there are so many sounds. So many beautiful sounds. If Radha kund will not enchant your mind then nothing in this world will enchant your mind. Nothing! Because in Radhakund, beautiful fragrance, beautiful pure water, beautiful gopis, Radha and Shyam, everything is there. All the six seasons are there. Beautiful kalpa trees, all kinds of honey bees, birds, animals, parrots, monkeys. radha kund manoraham!

Stay in Radhakund in the month of Kartik

Kartik is the month of Kartika devi. Kartika devi means Radhika. Her name is Kartika. Her name is Urjeshvari. By Her mercy we get urja to serve Krishna. Urja means energy. Empowerment. We get empowerment to serve Krishna by the mercy of Radha. That is why Radha is known as Urjeswari. Remembering Radha means our whole body feels urja. So Damodar vrata, Kartik vrata if you really want to do Kartik vrat you should not stay in Vrindavan. You should stay in Radhakund only. If you want to please Urjeswari Radha, you have to stay near Radha. In Vrindavan so many sakhis are there, Raman reti is there. Vatsalya rasa is there. Sakhya rasa. Throughout the year you can stay in Vrindavan but in Kartik month come to Radhakund. If you want to really please Radha.

Just by living in Radhakund in Kartik month, its the biggest service to Radharani. Radharani considers it seva because for those who have nishtha for Radha daysam only they will stay in Radhakund. Right? Others will stay everywhere else. One who likes Krishna more than Radharani that devotee will go to Vrindavan. But all of you are coming to stay in Radha kund, it means all of you love Radharani more than Krishna.

radha govinda dono khare kiske laagu paaye main toh balihari radhe ki jinke charan dhare shyam. Both are standing in front of me then I will go and catch Radharani’s feet. That is the no brainer. No brainer means you don’t have to think whom to catch. Why will I catch Radharani’s feet because Krishna is catching Her feet. Krishna is always surrendered to Her so why should I surrender to Krishna. I don’t want Bhagavad Gita. aham tvam sarva pape-bhyo, moksayisyami ma sucah. Krishna is saying in the Gita, ‘You come to me, I will take away all your sins. But we don’t want to take away all sins, we want Radha daysam.

jay jay radharani charanarvinda, jinke charano mein rahe sri govinda. When Radha and Krishna after taking bath, playing in Radhakund. When They come to Ananga manjari’s kunja, then the manjaris are drying Them up. That is my seva.

Raghunatha das goswami’s prayers to Radhakund

tvat-padabj a-milal-laksa- bhesajair devi jivaya. Raghunatha das goswami is saying in Vilap Kusumanjali. Vilap means cry. Vilap means separation from Radharani. Raghunath das goswami is Rati manjari. His constant service is the Lotus feet of Radharani, day ans night. He doesn’t know anything except than Her Lotus feet. Even when he is not doing anything, he is holding on to the Lotus feet of Radhika in his mind. In his smaran always. And he is saying.

Give me the lac of your Lotus feet and give me new life. bhesha means medicine. This is my medicine. Your Lotus feet are my only medicine. I don’t want Krishna’s Lotus feet. I want your Lotus feet because your Lotus feet are always on Krishna’s lotus head. I want this. Give me this medicine of Lotus feet. And give me new life. tvat-padabj a-milal-laksa- bhesajair devi jivaya.

jivata means new life. My life is at your Lotus feet. Just once somebody gets a glimpse of Radharani’s Lotus feet. That person cannot live in this world. That devotee will always cry like Raghunath das goswami to attain those Lotus feet. tavaivasmi tavaivasmi na jivami tvaya vina iti vijnaya devi tvam naya mam caranantikam

When dukhi Krishna das found the ankle bells of Radharani’s Lotus feet, he told Lalita. You take me to Radha then only I will return. I want to see that Lotus feet. No no, I want to put the ankle bells on the Lotus feet myself. Then only I will give these ankle bells. Lalita is telling, ‘Where are the ankle bells? Show me first.’ Dukhi Krishna das said, I have hidden it inside. Somewhere in the ground. I will not show you unless you promise me that you will take me to Radharani. This was his idea because to see Radharani is impossible for any sadhaka. Only a jackol, in Radha kund, Siva khari. Jackol could see Radharani but we cannot see Radharani in the back side. There is a water pond, Siva khari there was a Jackol at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon. Somebody put fire outside the cave of jackol and jackol started crying so Radharani left nitya lila with all Her sakhis. She said, ‘Somebody is crying. In Radha kund, nobody should cry. This is My dham. Nobody should cry.’ The gopis themselves removed the fire. Gave a new life. So if you are lucky, you can see Radharani. Because she was a female jackol. Radharani gives darshan very quickly. So every male should also become female. And I dont mean externally. (Laughs) Don’t wear a saree from outside. By wearing a saree, you cannot become a female. You can become a female from inside. When you give up the enjoying mentality. There are two words bhotka and bhogya. Bhotka means I am the enjoyer and bhogya means I am the enjoyed. When we have the feeling that I am the enjoyed then Radharani accepts us.

There are some devotees like Bilva mangal Thakura, great devotees who can enter into the nitya lila in this same body. Like Bhaktivinoda Thakura from 1914 to 1918. Last four years, he was chanting three lakh names. And he entered into the nitya lila. He became blind. Could not see. He entered into the nitya lila. He was only chanting.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s craving for Harinam

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare. When you chant Radha nam. Radha nam will take you to Radha but when you chant Harinam it will give you your seva to Radha. So Radhanam will give you Radha but Hare Krishna mahamantra will give you seva of Radha. He was chanting mahamantra, Hare Krishna mantra and suddenly he would raise his hands like this because his seva was kapur seva. His hands would raise in the air because he was meditating on his service of Radhe Shyam. Continuously he was chanting the mahamantra. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare. Anyone who realizes the service of one’s siddha deha in harinam will never leave harinam. Even to do other things, even eating will become a burden, even sleeping will become a burden. Even talking will become a burden. One will always chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare. So sweet. Not only Radha and Krishna’s form, not only the 64 qualities of Krishna and 25 qaulities of Radharani not only those. Not only the pastimes of Radha and Krishna but also our form and also our service are all present in the Hare Krishna mahamantra. Gaur kishor das babaji was chanting. And some devotees came, babaji you are siddha purush. You know our siddha deha, please give me my siddha deha. Babaji give me my siddha deha. Babaji said, siddha deha is very easy you can also get. Just chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare. Bhaktivinoda Thakura, when he was chanting mahamantra, his siddha deha appeared to him. He heard the flute of Krishna in Svananda sukhada kunja. His siddha deha appeared to him and Bhaktivinoda Thakura says, more siddha-deha diya, krishna-pase rakhe giya, e dehera kare sarbe-nas.

Paraa Thakurani Srimati Radharani and Her Kund

This line why it is above ‘र’. Why is not above ‘ह’. Why is it above ‘र’. Tell me the reason. Why this is above ‘र’ it is not above ‘ह’. र means Radharani and ‘ह’ means Hari. ‘र’ is Radhe and ‘ह’ means Hari so peacock feather of Krishna has come on Radharani because Krishna is putting His head on Radharani’s Lotus feet. The peacock feather has come on Radharani. Now you understand the meaning of Hare. When you say Hare, you conquer Hari. Why? Because it is the name of Radharani. harira iti jayate iti hare. One who attracts, overwhelms and conquers Hari, She is known as Hara. hara iti paraa devata. radhika paraa devataa. So the highest god is not Krishna. But the highest goddess is Radharani. The highest goddess who conquers Hari. So don’t you think Radha kund can conquer our hearts. If Radha is conquering Hari then Radha kund which is non different from Radhe will conquer the heart of Hari and will conquer the heart of all Hari bhakts. sarva gopishu sevaika. When there are no deities in the nitya lila so when all the gopis want to serve Radharani and they are far away from Radharani. They come and serve Radha kund. They render service to Radha kund. sarva gopishu sevaika. sarva gopi means not a single gopi who is not there who doesn’t serve Radha kund. sarva gopishu sevaika.

Who is that fool who will not serve Radhakund. When all the gopis are serving Radhakund. Devotees come to Vraj mandal but they stay away from Radhakund they come in Radhakund only once in a month in Kartik. Only once. What a waste of opportunity. Such a chance to serve Radharani every day. Only those who stay in Radha kund for long time they will understand the 25 qualities of Radharani. 25 qualities of Radharani, they are present in the water of Radha kund. They are present in the airs of Radha kund. They are present everywhere. They are prsent everywhere in Radhakund. So by residing here. vyavasayatmika buddhir ekeha kuru-nandana. One pointed devotion. One pointed devotion means kevala bhakti. kevala bhakti means I want only Radha dasyam and I will stay only near Radharani, no where else. When babaji from Lalita kunja went to Dwarka. Radharani became very upset. Ranabarhi baba, he went to Dwarka. He came back, he was staying in Radhakund. When he came back Radharani stopped giving him realizations. Because if you get diamond and you throw the diamond and you take get 1000 rupees. What’s the use. Will you ever get the diamond again?

Badrinath, Kedarnath. You are going. You are leaving Radha kund because you cannot see the real beauty of Radha kund. What beauty you will get in Badrinath. Or what beauty you will get in Kedarnath, Himalayas? Material beauty you may get. But the inner beauty, the spiritual beauty. That is in Radha kund. (Pointing to Nitai das prabhuji) After they come from Delhi, they don’t feel like going back. prabhuji, mataji (Pointing to some devotees) they have come from most polluted city, town in India. The name is Damoh. I am asking why is he going back to this polluted city. Delhi is so polluted. If you stay in Delhi, it’s like smoking 100 cigarettes. This is punishment for not staying in Radhakund. (Radha nam kirtan begins)

Raghunath das goswami, he came to Radha kund from Jagannath Puri and after he came to Radha kund he never left Radha kund. For seventy years he did bhajan in Radha kund. He came here and when he came here it was a very dense jungle. Even Radha kund and Shyam kund were small like pot holes. And there were snakes, tigers and scorpions. And only few people were staying on top of the hills of purana Radha Krishna mandir. Only one or two vrajvasis were there. Otherwise nobody was here still Raghunath das goswami came and stayed here and never left for seventy years and only small kundas were there still his attachment for Radha kund and Shyam kund was so much. Nowadays we have so big kundas by Raghunath das goswami’s mercy still we want to leave. After attaining Radharani, will you leave Radharani? If you get Radharani will you leave Radharani?

(Pointing to some devotees) He is doing farming in his village so I am telling him how many lives you have done farming, one life you give to Radharani. Don’t leave Radharani. Hold on to her as it’s life or death.

Guruvarg show their attachment to Radhakund in their pastimes

Visvanatha Chakravarti Thakura, he didn’t want to marry. But his family situation or something, his Gurudev told him you get married. So when he got married he told his wife, that today is our honeymoon so come and sit on the bed let’s celebrate honey moon and he took out Srimad Bhagavatam and whole night, he was reading Srimad Bhagavatam. He gave diksha to the wife in the form of Srimad Bhagavatam. And next day in the morning, he left and came to Radhakund. His wife is saying Haribol. First and last honeymoon. The first honeymoon is my last honeymoon. Vishwanatha Chakravarti stayed in Vrindavan also in Radha Gokulananda temple but when he wanted to relish higher rasas. Kaam gayatri mantra. He wanted to relish kaam gayatri mantra or he wanted to write Krishna Bhavanamrta and Asta kaliya lila books, very high books then Vishwanatha Chakravarti would come and do bhajan next to the bhajan kutir of Raghunath das goswami. If you see his bhajan kutir, it is touching the bhajan kutir of Raghunath das goswami. So Radha kund is the place for very very deep remembrance. And when he was sitting there and he was writing.

There was no roof so clouds were covering. Radharani was sending clouds to give him shade. That’s the glories of doing bhajan here. Nowadays we have so beautiful gufas, caves, all ready. Made by disciples. But at that time, even in Raghunath das goswami bhajan kutir was personally made by Sanatan goswami. Raghunath sas goswami was chanting on Radhakund and a tiger came. So the tiger was also drinking water in Radhakund. But Krishna was very worried if the tiger eats Raghunath das goswami. So Krishna came with the stick. So that proves that Krishna is always staying in Radhakund. Twenty four hours. Even when they leave at 3:36 pm in the manifest unmanifest, They are always staying here in aprakat lila. ‘You’re chanting mahamantra. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna. Oh Radhe give me seva. Oh Radhe give me seva. And you are giving seva to Krishna by chanting.’ Then Raghunath das goswami started sitting and lot of heat, his body started burning and Radharani could not tolerate. Why She could not tolerate? Because when Raghunath das goswami was chanting, Radha and Krishna were performing lila in his heart. So the heat was not only burning Raghunath das goswami. It was burning Radha and Krishna also. When Raghunath das goswami is chanting it was burning Radha and Krishna also. tomāra hṛdoye sadā govinda-viśrām
govinda kohena-mora vaiṣṇava parāṇ. All the emotions, all the pastimes of Radha Krishna is manifest in the heart of pure devotees. Their heart is like the dhaam. Heart is like the dhaam.

Heart of a sadhu is the Holy place

premāñjana-cchurita-bhakti-vilocanena santaḥ sadaiva hṛdayeṣu vilokayanti. jahaa sadhu vahaa dhaam vahi mera vrindavan. The sadhu has conquered wandering also. Because when the sadhu sits and closes the eyes. The sadhu can see the lilas. The sadhu doesn’t have to go anywhere. Ramanand Raya didn’t even come to Vrindavan. He is Lalita sakhi but Ramananda Raya never came to Vrindavan. He was born in Bentapur in Orissa. Haridas Thakura never came to Vrindavan. But when he used to chant and closed his eyes, he could see all the lilas. Guaranga Mahaprabhu asked Haridas. Haridas is describing svarasiki upasana where the gopis, they come and take us into the lila. So everything is known to Haridas simply by chanting.

Massage the Lotus feet of Lord by Writing His Name in the air

When I do Nitainam lekhan, I feel I am massaging the Lotus feet of Radharani. Doing my nitya seva. Seva is there by moving the hands. With your hands. karau harer mandira-marjanadisu srutim cakaracyuta-sat-kathodaye savai manah krsna-padaravindayor.

You touch the syllables, it’s like touching the Lord. So it’s your service. It’s your seva. And deities, they sleep at 9 o’clock. You can’t touch the deities after 9 o’ clock. But the name, you can touch whole night. ihaana vaataas laagi beka jaara gaaya, taahaareo krishna naa chaadibe sarvathaaya. Anybody who touches Nitai’s air. The air touching Nitainam and touching your body then your body becomes so holy that Krishna will never leave that body. This is guarantee in Chaitanya Bhagavat so whenever you do Nitainam lekhan please put a table fan and do it. (Laughs) Put a table fan and do. All the air will go. Naa chaarhe sarvathaaye. In Chaitanya Bhagavat it is said, Krishna sarvathaaye.. even though the whole world, universal devastation will happen Krishna will not leave you. If you are touched by the air of Nitai. nityananda balite habe romancita sab anga ashru ganga vahe. Now we have come to Radha kund so we have no time to go to Ganga. I went to Hrishikesh for one or two days but I felt suffocation leaving Radha kund. I prefer the suffocation in my cave than to leave Radha kund. Even if I die in my cave I don’t mind. No oxygen. Nitai Nitai! Both Radhe and Nitai have only two syllables. Nitai and Nitai and in the end Radhe. Nitai will give you Radhe. First Nitai Nitai Nitai Nitai. Radhe. Shyam in the nitya lila. After reaching the nitya lila. I will say Shyam, I have come to you. Shyam mein savera. Your life will end here and there your new life will start in the nitya lila. That is real life. This is time pass, all the life in the material world. I am waiting for the day when all of us together, we will participate in the pastimes of Radhe Shyam. No need to make websites in Goloka. No need to make mobile app. No need to make Facebook page. Then Facebook page also nobody is happy. Why are you not sending on Watsapp? Then we send on Watsapp, they say you are not on Twitter? Then you make on Twitter, they say everybody is leaving Twitter you come on Instagram. YouTube. Arey! The heart should become YouTube. That is the real thing. Everybody takes small phone and watching the video like this. Heart should be YouTube. Now they’re coming with VR. Virtual reality. Kirtan-Japa. This is our VR. Our VR, we don’t need to buy spectacles. Transcendental reality is in transcendental sound vibration and transcendental syllables. Either the syllables or sound vibration both can take you into transcendental reality and then you will hear the sound of the cows. Moooh! Welcome to Goloka, the cows will say. Goloka means first the cow. The cow will introduce. Like Markandiya rshi. So Markandiya rshi, he was swimming in the ocean of universal devastation for 4.32 billion years. Markandiya rshi after swimming for 4.32 billion years, then he saw Surbhi cow standing in the island of Godrumadvipa and Surbhi cow gave him milk and he drank the milk and his whole body became with love and he had the darshan darshan of Nitai Gaur. He started running in Navadvipa like a madman. sri gaura bali dakibe jabe, samasta karam vinasa habe. That is the glory because that place is Surabhi kunja. Nitai’s place. That’s why Markandiya rshi got that much of mercy.

Unbelievable mercy given by Nitainam akshar

So please do this Nitainam lekhan everyday while chanting or before chanting. And you will see the yellow dhoti of Krishna. To see the pastimes of Krishna, form of Krishna we need transcendental eyes so when we write Nitai’s name in the air by touching Nitai. And by the touch of Nitai all our senses are becoming transcendenal. All the shakti is going in our body and we get transcendental eyes that’s why we start seeing Krishna in Harinam. And while writing also. When we chant Harinam after or while doing Nitainam lekhan we start seeing. Krishna. So that’s the science of this namdhyan. The secret of namdhyan is namruchi. That is the secret of namdhyan. First is the taste in the nam and then there is realization in the nam. So namdhyan then namruchi then nam sphurti. And what is after nam sphurti. After nam sphurti is nam kaam. In the lila you start doing your service (kaam). Serving the Lord. Namseva, dhamseva and kaamseva. Ultimately is kaam seva. You serve Radha and Krishna according to how they want our service. Nam kaam. Kaam means not the lust of this world. Transcendental lust. gopi bhaav. That is kaam.

So about your question. In Chaitanya Bhagavat, Gauranga Mahaprabhu after coming back from His diksha, from Isvara Puri in Gaya. After coming back from Gaya, He starts writing the name continuosly. NIRANTAR LIKHENA krishnera NAAM mala
rama, krishna, murari, mukunda, vanamali. AHAR-NISHA LIKHENA, padhena kutuhali

Day and night, He is writing the name. With so much bliss and so much ecstasy. But at that time, He had a special bhoja patra to write and special ink or feather with which they write. And then in Chaitanya Bhagavat it is said. Anybody who touches Nitai or Nitai’s air, Krishna will never leave. So mantra lekhan. Writing the mantra is there in our Guruvarga. Our acharyas they have done it very secretly because this is a very secret bhajan. Writing the mantra. Writing the mantra is like a mansika japa. Internal japa. So Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself was doing it and in the olden times they didn’t have to do it seperately because there was no printing press. So all the acharyas were writing only at that time. All the Sad sandarbhas, four lakh verses of Jiva goswami, they are written. Jiva goswami was writing the whole day. So writing, lekhan was their bhajan. This mantra writing is there, all our goswamis have done this. And Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself has done this. Virabhadra prabhu was worshiping Nam shila in Khardaha. Hare Krishna mantra is carved on that. Virabhadra goswami was offering bhoga to the Nam shila. Nam akshar is always vigraha. Nam brahman.

Its beneficial to write Nitainam akshar in the air

Devotee: Writing the Name in the air and writing the akshar on paper is same?

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: It’s a good question. Nowadays the paper is bought by cutting the trees. So writing on the paper means we are doing jiva hatya. Jiva himsa. That’s one thing. Nowadays ball pens and the pens which are coming for writng they are very very sharp and so when we are writing the name on the paper, we are actually hurting the naam. Like in deity worship, when you put pin for doing dressing. We don’t put the pins, we put blue tags. vajra hana bhela (Laughs). You know the story, there was one great devotee Arjunacaraya. Whole day and night, he was reading Bhagavat Gita but there was no food in the house so the wife said, ‘what’s the use of reading the Gita. Krishna is not giving anything’. So by constant preaching of the wife, Arjunacharya got doubt in Krishna. So Arjunacharya made a cross. teshaam nityaabhiyuktaanaam yogakshemam vahaamyaham

And then he went to the market to beg some good then Krishna came with the food. One side was food and one side was gold ornaments and diamonds and rubies and he put it in the house. He told mataji, ‘Your husband is a very cruel person. I bought so many things
for your husband but your husband has whipped me on my back.’ So Krishna lifted His cloth and He showed all His cross. Nowadays there is a fashion people sign on the Bhagavad Gita. They take the book and they sign on the book or some people they make notes. They cross. This is Shastra. We cannot write on the shastra. Our sign is not greater than God’s words. Its a Holy book. It should be respected. If you want to make notes, take a separate notebook. Make point number and this is my page number in this book. So writing on the paper is a problem.

Devotee: No direct contact

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: There is no direct contact with the mantra. Now we are touching Nitai directly. If you are writng with the pen, the mantra is written here and you are holding the pen here (demonstrates). So what is happening that when you are writing न, down the mantra your fingers are actually not moving. It’s moving a little bit. But your hand is not moving. Your finger is not moving. So how can you meditate on the mantra. When the finger is moving, then you can meditate on the mantra. And there is no touch. First we are committing the offense of touching with this so there is no direct touch.

Devotee: Big size

Bhaktiratna sadhu: When you are writing on the paper, you are writing in very small size on the paper so you cannot meditate.

Again mansik, if you want to meditate. Nam dhyan. If you want to do meditation then you have to close the eyes. If you close your eyes, how can you write on the paper?
In few writings the page will become full like with cross.

Devotee: By writing on paper you cannot write slowly.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: When you write slowly and you meditate on every corner of the syllables. You cannot write like that.

Devotee: Where can it be preserved?

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: Another thing, after writing you have written in the book. Where will you preserve it? You will start throwing it. You will commit offense. You will put it in the garbage after writing in the book. Where as you write in the air. The air will travel everywhere and everyone will get the touch of Nitai.

Devotee: In Ramananada Sampradaya, they write the names.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: Yes, many many religious organizations. Mantra writing is a part of very internal sadhana. Its a very deep sadhana.

Even in Ramayan, there is katha that when they wanted to make bridge to go to Lanka. Then the stones. Ram threw the stone the stone drowned. Even after touching Ram, the stone drowned. Then the monkeys they said, Ram! They threw the stone. Again the stone drowned then the monkeys started carving Ram, the syllables. The mantra akshar on the stones. Even seeing that Ram also started carving His own name. Autograph! Which is more powerful Ram sound of His name or syllables of His name? So both are equally powerful.

So in this pastimes it’s shown that the stone is floating. One monkey, he was remaining and he wanted to cross to Lanka so people were saying, how he will cross? So they wrote on a leaf Ram’s name. And they said, you tie it here. This is a magic thing but don’t open it in the middle. Have faith so he took Ram’s name and he was walking over the ocean but in the middle of the ocean. He said let me see what’s there, I am able to walk. Immediately, he opened and he saw Ram’s name carved. So anyone who has no faith in the syllables of the name, he will drown certainly. Guarantee. I will write and give you. para tattva akshar aakar. jaya jaya harinam, cidanandamrita-dham, para-tattva akshara-akar

So beautifully. By great mercy you appeared in the form of the syllables of Holy name and this is unlimited mercy on the conditioned souls. apaar means unlimited. sarva jana maanas ranjan. The syllables of the mantra are coming in mind and they give happiness to the mind. jaya hari’, krishna’, `ram’, jaga-jana-suvishram, sarva-jana-manasa-ranjana muni-vrinda nirantar, je namera samadar, kori’ gay bhoriya vadana.

Rshi munis are doing arti of the syllables of the name. They are offering bhoga. They are offering praises to the para tattva akshar aakar. In Goloka dham, if you make a deity that deity form is different from the original form of Syamsundar in Goloka but the form of the name is the same. In Goloka, there is no change. By worshipping the naam syllables, you are actually worshipping the original form of God. ohe krishna-namakshar, tumi sarva-shakti-dhar, jivera kalyana-vitarane toma vina bhava sindhu, uddharite nahi bandhu, asiyacho jiva-uddharane

This song should be the anthem of our mission. ohe krishna-namakshar, tumi sarva-shakti-dhar. Oh syllables you are the, only brothers of the conditioned souls. You have come to deliver everyone. And without you there is no hope. Bhaktivinoda Thakura is writing, Oh syllables of the Name without you there is no hope.

ache tapa jive jata, tumi saba koro hata, helaya tomare eka-bar. It’s exactly the same. It says when you do Nitainam lekhan one time, you get goosebumps. By laughing and joking, if somebody touches the syllables once then all the sufferings will go away. para tattva akshar aakar. (goose bumps) I think you have seen first time. (Points to a devotee) Whenever I do Nitainamlekhan I get goosebumps instantly and when I stop Nitainamlekhan every thing is finished.

Devotee: Special mercy has come to you that’s why you get special realizations. You are powerfully preaching.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: Everybody is experiencing that. Just two days back, Akunthamedha das. He is disciple of Radha Godvinda Maharaja, he came with his mother in law. Daya mataji and I explained about Nitainam lekhan. He had gone and tried. And in Facebook, I made about how it gives nam Ruchi post and he has given a comment today. ‘It surely works. I tried to for two days. I am getting bliss!’ You can see Facebook page. Akunthamedha das is getting bliss in two days. One day only may be.

Devotee: You got instructions from your Gurudev. nam bhaja-nam cinta-nam kar saar.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: My Gurudev when I took diksha told me nam bhaja-nam cinta-nam kara saar. At that time I did not know the meaning of nam cinta. nam cinta means meditate on the Name. In Goloka, there are two languages Devanagri and Bengali. Bengali is part of Nitai Gaur peeth, Navadvipa-Ekachakra. And Devanagri in Vraja. Either of these languages.

Devotee: Gaurkishor das babaji, he also used to meditate on the syllables.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: That’s why I have put this. When I am chanting, I can see. (Poster of Nitai syllables with meanings)

Devotee: please explain more about the third point.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: nam bhaja-nam cinta-nam kara saar. Nam bhaja means worship the Name, meditate on the Name and make the Name as the essence of your life. nam kara saar. So Nitainamlekhan is helping in that also. Even in sleeping I am seeing the syllables. nam kara saar. I was sleeping two days back and I felt that I am standing here and embracing the seventh stroke. Then I thought oh this is Gauranga, what am I doing. Seven number is Gauranga. Then I came from here and I sat down here. And I got the feet of Nitai. Our Nitai is safe. dharo nitai charan dukhani. Naam sphurti will start happening when you please the Naam. Then you will start getting revelations. Whe you will look at the syllables you will start seeing the form. You don’t even have to write. You just look and you will start seeing the form. Vraj Mohan prabhu, our friend in Park colony. He is having nam sphurti, he is meditating on Nitai’s name. He is feeling tremendous bliss in Harinam.

Journey of Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj

Devotee: How did Nitai come in your life?

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: By extreme stroke of good luck. When I was born, I will start from my birth. 1971 when I was born. After I took birth, when I was few years old my father, he went to Hare Krishna Hare Ram temple in Mumbai and he brought a cassette of sikshastakam, Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s and he played with the tape recorder at that time. And when I heard it, I went into samadhi for half an hour. Just hearing, ceto darpan marjanam bhava mahadavagni. Unconscious! I remember when I woke up it was so blissful. It was the most blissful time in childhood. From that time, I became very attracted to Gauranga Mahaprabhu. From 1971 to 1989, I was searching about Gaursundar. I studied so many different philosophies, so many different religions. I was studying for God and never I had any desire to marry from my childhood. I studied in boys school. In IIT also I had no desires like that. Then finally when I came in 1989. When I joined IIT, I found seventeen volumes of Chaitanya Charitamrta written by Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in the philosophical section on the second rack. I said, golden books. I had never seen golden books because all books are dark red, dark blue, dark black. Golden books. Let me see! I picked it up. sri chaitanyera daya tumi karah vichara.

As if Krishnadas is speaking to me

So the first verse I read was this one when I opened the book so I became a complete devotee of Caitanya Mahaprabhu from that day and I was worshiping Caitanya Mahaprabhu but then one day I heard this song by Bhaktivinoda Thakura. boro sukhera khabora gaye (sings kirtan)

I feel very ashamed to say my life history. Then it is only mercy and mercy. Nothing to tell after that because 1990. 1989 I joined IIT and then I found this song khoda Nitai. Then in my hostel, I was staying on second floor and I started jumping singing Khoda Nitai. My whole second floor was shaking. It was like an earthquake. Everybody started knocking my door, what is happening inside. It was so blissful then for the remaining five years I preached about Nitai Gaur in
IIT and lot of devotees joined because of me. Iskcon president RadheSyam das is there. Gauranga das comes in TV, he was my room mate. Lot of people joined at that time and they have become very very big preachers. I am nothing in front of them. Just a straw in the street. So lot of devotees joined. I learnt Bengali and read Caitanya Caritamrta five times. But biggest regret I have is Caitanya Bhagavat was not there. Caitanya Bhagavat was very rare, nobody had translated at that time because Caitanya Bhagavat gives real mercy of Nitai. And it is very important to read Caitanya Bhagavat first before reading Caitanya Caritamrta. Otherwise you will not understand Caitanya Caritamrta. So I learnt Bengali and then I always read books in Bengali. I don’t read books in English. So then I was a brahmachari for twelve years then 2001, Nityananda Prabhu inspired me I was publishing books. I didn’t like other kinds of preaching. Management, fund raising, I didn’t like all that so I was printing books at Bhaktivedanta Book Trust for twelve years and our Bombay BBT became top in the world. This was like very ecstatic times. Even in English language, we printed 90 titles. It was more than American BBT in English language. Then Caitanya Caritamrta was my favourite book so in one week we printed, got it ready. I have world record, I am the biggest distributor of Caitanya Caritamrta. In one week we distributed 700 sets in Gujarati, twelve sets of boxes. I took a bus to Surat and we distributed 700 Caitanya Caritamrta sets in five days, that’s a world record till now. Nobody has given so many sets in one day. Then I also hold the world record of Bhagavat Gita distribution. 3500 Gitas in one in Pandarpur on ashadi ekadasi. Will all the mercy of Nitaichand. But I didn’t realize that until I took sannyas in 2001. My Gurudev is also disciple of Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati. He was in Kolkata. Bhaktisanta kumud Maharaja. Then my diksha Gurudev, he is also godbrother of Prabhupad and Santa Maharaja. He was greatest devotee of Nitai. Nitai sent me to His devotee for diksha. Because my gurudev was living in Ambika Kalna near the Nitai Gaur deities of Gauridas Pandita. He did bhajan near that. Nitai was everything for him. Jahnava Mata’s marriage, Nitai marriage place is my Gurudev’s bhajan sthaan. Nitai’s marriage place in Ambika Kalna. Nitai’s magical, He sent me. My Gurudev totally doesn’t give diksha to anyone. So humble. Hundred years old, if you bow down, he would offer dandavat. He didn’t want to give diksha to anyone. And he was secretly doing bhajan. Bhaktipramod Maharaja asked him to take sannyas but he didn’t want any name-fame, no followers. So nobody knew about him. Fortunately by Nitai’s mercy. And for me also he was not giving diksha for so many days. I had to catch his lotus feet and I said I will die here. Then he have his kripa to me and he put his hand on my head and said you spread the name of Nitai. Along with Hare Krishna. And Prabhupad is Nitai shaktyavesha. Sridhar Maharaja said Nitai gave him shakti. Because Bhaktisiddhanta Thakura didn’t establish Nitai’s deities.

He said Gaur Radha Krishna. All the deities you see in Kunja Bihari math. You see Gaur Radha Krishna. But Prabhupada established Nitai Gaur deities. That is Prabhupada’s greatest contribution. Greatest mercy to this world. That Nitai’s deities are there first time in this world, to be found.

Devotee: In Gaudiya Sampradaya, glories of Nitai have been spread.

Bhaktiratna Sadhu: There are many, so many great devotees of Nitai are there and all Nitai mercy. Nitai can give bhakti to anybody.

Anywhere. He is completely avadhuta. ashram acara varjitah. He is like breaking the rules always. Like Nitai broke the danda. He is good in breaking. Breaking our material cycle also with his plough. So after taking sannyas 2001, I very much wanted to drown in vipralambha bhaav, mood of separation, that is my favourite. So that’s why I went to Jagannath Puri, the mood of separation. Jagannatha is feeling separation from Radharani and Gauranga is feeling separation from Krishna. So mood of separation is double there, in vipralambha ksetra, Jagannath Puri. So from 2001 to 2013, twelve years. One kalpa I spent in Puri doing bhajan there. We have very beautiful deities of Pancha Tattva there and that is our best ashram. And then after 2013, I came to Radha Kund. Radha kund was my favourite since brahmacari days. When I came in Radha Kund, I used to feel completely submerged like in a different world from beginning. So when I came in 2013, I was chanting on Manas Pavan ghat in the afternoon when I heard a voice. Radharani said, come to Radha Kund. So 13 is also Nityananda Prabhu’s trayodashi. So in 2013, Nitai sent me to Radha Kund. And I told Radharani if I will come here, I don’t want to stay alone. So that those staying in Vrindavan can also come and stay in Radha Kund and stay. So give me lakshmi. Suddenly call came from Bombay, my parents and they gave me the lakshmi. And then made this ashram from Radharani’s mercy. Nitai sent me to Radharani but surprising thing is that after doing bhajan in Radha Kund, from 2013 to 2015. For two years, after doing bhajan in Radha Kund. I went to Ekachakra, Nitai’s sthan. Some inspiration came like Radharani is telling me to go there. So I went to Ekachakra and suddenly we saw a land just next to the Yogapeeth. Because here just like Ananga manjari’s kunja is there in the middle of Radha Kund. There also Jahnava mata’ s, Ananga manjari’s golden kunja is there in Nitai Kund in Nitai barhi in Ekachakra. So I always wanted to always stay near Ananga manjari’s kunja, Jahnava Nitai. So suddenly inspiration came that if we buy that land just opposite Nitai barhi. We can be near to the Kund because here we are far from the Kund so there I said we want to be very very close to Nitai Jahnava. And then suddenly we didn’t have any money. Suddenly lakshmi came, one devotee they donated. They had given the same amount to somebody for using and the money was lost. They were not returning since many years and when we expressed this desire. The same amount was returned. And now we have beautiful mud hut there. Recently we are repairing the mud hut from outside. From my mud hut two snakes also came. And Nitai is so protective when snakes came, I am in Radha Kund. Nitai protects everyone. But the snakes are harmless in Ekachakra. They are golden like Nitai. So it’s very nice.

Actually I was doing Nitainam lekhan internally for many many years. Right from my sannyas days. But this is such a secret process I was not telling anybody. Because I thought if I tell, people will laugh at me. What is this writing? If you go to mental hospital, mental people are doing like that (acts) so I thought if I tell to do Nitainam lekhan. People will think that Sadhu Maharaja has gone mad. nitaira sakal bhakta param baatul. nityananda naame hoye param unmaadi. Nitai’s devotees are always mad. See my chair is moving. Such a costly chair but it has to move because of Nitai. So then I was not telling anybody about Nitainam lekhan, only once I mentioned to one devotee but that’s all. Then I went to Ekachakra and I told all devotees one night. Then I got an order from Nitai to reveal Nitainam lekhan shamelessly. Whatever happens, whether people accept it or not. Then we have so much proof from the shastra. Mantra lekhan and vayu. Haribhakti Vilasa, slokas on meditating. Shastra praman is there but ultimately it has to be the order of the Lord. Without order of the Lord you cannot do anything. Empowerment. So I am happy. And the thing about Nitai is if you see in Caitanya Bhagava, it is said. caitanya bhagavat sune yadi paapi yavan sei maha vaisnav haya tataksana

If somebody hears Caitanya Bhagavat, he will become maha vaisnav that very moment, instant. In one instant, Nityananda’s name also it is said. nityananda balite krishna prem udaya, aulaya sakal anga asru ganga vahe

So Nitai doesn’t believe in any delay. Nitai gives instantly. Nitainamlekhan is also instant. Everybody is experiencing it instantly. There is no need to get surprised, it’s the nature of Nitai. Instant happiness! Instant bliss. Right! Writing slow has even more bliss. Any more questions.

We are waiting for millions of lives. One-two months, a year, it’s not much. Millions of years become one moment. What mercy of Nitai! brahmār durlabha prema sabākāre jāce

That love is difficult for Brahma, Nitai is giving house to house those who dont want. Brahma wants but he is not getting. And Nitai is giving house to house those who don’t want. 30 days the boys didn’t eat anything when they got love from Nitai. They forgot eating and in kartik we are eating three times. No one time! Get the bliss from Nitai, everything else is going to make you cry. śarīra bhijila nitā-ira nayanera jale

Nitai is always wet. Tears of love. Jay Jay Sri Radhe!

(By Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, November, 2016, Radhakund)

Transcription Service done by Jahnava Nitai dasi


Shelter of Goswamis and Radhakund by Nitai Mercy 🎵

Download audio

Download audio

☀️ Two Audios about the embodiment of devotional service

śata-koṭi gopīmādhava-man (Radhikastakam song 7, Gitavali).When Madhava is sitting with millions of gopis still Madhava’s mind is thinking about Radhika. The gopis are thinking that Madhava is looking at me but Madhava is thinking about Radha because Radha’s devotional service to Krishna is non stop, 24 hrs. Every moment, every second, every (labha matra) Radharani is serving Krishna. The service attitude is the thing which wins over Krishna (seva bhaav). The name of Radha comes from seva bhaav.

☀️ Magnanimity of Srimati Radharani

anaya radhito nunam bhagavan harer isvarah yen no vihaya govindah prito yam anayad rahah. There is no single person in the whole creation who can worship Krishna better than Radharani. aradhana! aradhana means devotional service. It doesn’t mean only worship. It means devotional service. The living example is the rasa lila where there were millions of gopis still dancing but when Radharani left Rasa mandala then Krishna couldn’t remain there. He also left searching for Radha. Who can give happiness to Krishna? Someone who has hundred times more happiness than Krishna. Who is hundred times more beautiful! Who is hundred times more qualified! Who is hundred times more merciful than Krishn! And that is Radha. Radha!

☀️ Potency of Radha nam

Prabhodananda Saraswati says in Radharasa Sudhanidhi. That so much rasa is there in these two words of Ra-dha. Radha nam can give us manjari svarupa. Radha nam can give us Radha dasyam. Radha nam can give us Radhakund vas. Radha! Actually real siddha is one who can see the transcendental beauty of Radhakund simply by saying Radha. When you say Radha, you should be able to see the transcendental kunjas of Radhakund and Syamkund. Such a devotee is a real devotee of Radharani. asambhasya tad-bhava-gambhira-cittan, kutah syama-sindho rasa-syava-gahah (Sankalpa Prakasa Stotra, Stavavali)

Without meeting a personality who is very deep in the remembrance of Radhakund and Radharani, one can never understand Krishna because Krishna can only be understood through the mind of Radharani. Through the service of Radharani and through the seva of Radhakund. By residing in Radhakund we are actually serving Radhakund.

☀️ Service to Radhakund means service to Radha directly

rādhā-kunḍa-taṭa-kuñja-kuṭīr, govardhana-parvata, jāmuna-tīr (Bhakti Anukula Matra KaryeraSvikara Song 4)

Till the time you will get your own kunja in Radhakund. You should mentally stay in Radhakund and remember. Try to visualize your kunja on the banks of Radhakund. In the company of all the manjaris who are having there own kunja. This is the highest perfection of our life. Because one of the characteristics of ekadas bhaav is vaas. Your eternal residence. If you don’t know your eternal residence you cannot enter the nitya lila.

☀️ The goal is to become the servant of servants of Lord

In the nitya lila, we will be serving the servants of Radha and Syam. That is more blissful than serving Radhe Syam directly. gopī-bhartur pada-kamalayor dāsa-dāsa-dāsānudāsaḥ. I am not Radha das or dasi. I am Radharani’s dasi’s dasi. That is the real qualification for manjaris. When we aspire to serve the ragatmika, the gopis, the manjaris, the sakhis who are the eternal residents of Radhakund that is the perfection of our bhajan. Because Krishna Himself is serving the servants of Radharani to attain the audience of Radharani constantly. That is His only way to reach Radharani. Then fo us, how can there be another way? There is no another way to reach Radharani except the service of Radharani’s beloved manjaris. ei chaya gosai jabe vraje kaila vasa, radha-krishna-nitya-lila karila prakasha (Naam sankirtan bhajan by Narottama das Thakura)

Life after life I want to be the servant of the six goswamis because they are the real commanders of Radhakund. They are the real benefactors who can allow conditioned souls like us to enter into the nitya lila of Radhakund. rupa-raghunatha-pade hoibe akuti kabe hama bujhabo se jugala-piriti (Prathna song by Narottama das Thakura)

☀️ Radha Palya Dasi Bhaav is Given by the Palya Dasis of Radha

rupa-raghunatha-pade rahu mora asa, prarthana koroye sada narottama-dasa (Prarthana)
This should be our eternal prayer on the banks of Radhakund that we always attain the lotus feet of the six goswamis. And the eternal residents of Radhakund like Kamal manjari Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Then we can serve Radhika in this Holy Place. Actually we don’t want to just serve Radharani but we want to serve Radharani in Radhakund. And that is because in Radhakund are the topmost of all pastimes being enacted. radha-kunda-tate kalinda-tanaya-tire ca vamsivate, premonmada-vasad asesha-dasaya grastau pramattau sada.. Receiving the mercy of the six goswamis is like receiving the mercy of Radharani. Infact it is more than the mercy of Radharani because Radha palya dasi bhaav is given by the palya dasis of Radha, not even by Radharani Herself.

śrī-rūpa-mañjarī-pada, sei mora sampada, sei mor bhajana-pūjana, anukūla habe vidhi, se-pade hoibe siddhi (Prarthana). Till we enter the shelter of six goswamis, till we attain their lotus feet we will always burn in this material existence. We cannot come out of this without the shelter of the six goswamis. anukūla habe vidhi, Narottam das Thakur is praying when will the time become favorable, when? Life after life when will I get the chance to behold the lotus feet of Rupa Manjari, Rupa Goswami? Narottam das Thakur says life after life I want to remain with the devotees of six goswamis.

☀️ How to Receive the Mercy of Six Goswamis?

And how do we receive the mercy of six goswamis? How? How do we receive the mercy of six goswamis? They are all manjaris. That answer is given by Krishna das Kaviraj who is Kasturi manjari. The foremost servitor of Rupa and Rati manjari, Krishna das Kaviraj Goswami says Jay Jay Nityananda Charnashroye jaha hoite ami painu rupa sanatan ashroy. All glories! All glories to Nitaichand by whose mercy I got the ultimate shelter of Rupa, Raghunat, Sanatan on the banks of Radhakund. Krishna das Kaviraj had the greatest good fortune of hearing directly from the lotus mouth of Raghunath das goswami in the middle of Radhakund and Shyamkund. How lucky he was! How fortunate he was! The old Khadchas or the notebooks of Swarup Damodar and Ramanand Ray who are heard, read by Raghunath das goswami. And only he knew the secret of Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s pastimes. And that secret was transferred from Raghunath das goswami to , Krishna das Kaviraj Goswami on the banks of Radhakund.

The path of antaranga bhakti, antaranga, path of raganuga bhakti there are two ways. One is the external path and other is the internal path according to Jaiva dharma. And the internal path comes from Swarup Damodar and the external path comes from Vakreshvar Pandit to Dhyanchandra Goswami. And the internal path was revealed on banks of Radhakund by Raghunath das goswami. And the recipient was sent to Radhakund by Nityananda Ram.

☀️ Nitai is Sending Every Jiva to Radhakund

I will tell you one funny thing today I was looking at the photo. I was thinking why Nitai is pointing like this? What does it mean for me? I was thinking like that. What does it mean for me -go away from Radhakund because Radhakund is this side? So why he is saying go there? Here! His hand is like this. I will not tell you what answer I got, it’s a secret but after the katha I will tell you. Its not to be recorded (laugh).Its top secret! But Nitai is sending every jiva to Radhakund who is in madhurya rasa and Nitai is so confident when Nitai appeared in the dream to Krishnadas you go, everything all your desires will be fulfilled. All your desires, you just go leave your house. Nitai’s style maybe Krishnadas Kaviraj goswami was married also who knows its not stated in the scriptures. But Nitai said just leave, go to Radhakund go to Vraj and all your desires will be fulfilled. And Krishnadas Kaviraj had only one desire to surrender to Raghunath das goswami. And by the mercy of Raghunath das goswami his heart became like transcendental television. He understood, he realized, he saw not only the pastimes of Radha and Shyam in Radhakund, in Vraj mandal the Asht kaliya lila but he also saw the pastimes of Nitai Gaur in Jagannatha puri dham through the eyes of Raghunath das, through the eyes of swarup damodar he could see everything.

And Nitai is so smart, Nitai so brilliant that Nitai was thinking, Gauranga was not thinking but Nitai was thinking how Gauranga’s pastimes in Jagannatha Puri will be revealed in this world? Who will reveal them? My brother’s pastimes. So Nitai randomly, not randomly suddenly appeared in dream to Krishna das Kaviraj in Bardhman in the village Jamatpur and He said go go you have to do my mission also. And what is my mission? You have to write the pastimes of my brother in Jagannatha Puri dham. Both Chaitanya Bhagavat and Chaitanya Charitamrita were written by the direct order of Nityananda Prabhu. If there was no Nitai there have been no Gaur lila in this word. There would be no Radha Shyam’s lila because Nityananda Prabhu also wanted Krishnadas to write Govind Lila Amrit, the asht kliya lila of Radha and Krishna where the beautiful pastimes of Radhakund and Shyamkund are revealed to the world for the first time in book known as Goivnd Lila Amrit. So Nitai takes care of everything. How merciful He is. Nobody is thinking so much how to save the conditioned souls, so much He is thinking.

☀️ Understand Mellows of Radha’s Name By Touching Nitai’s Name

dayāra ṭhākura nitā-i para duḥkha jāne, hari-nāmera mālā gānthi dila jane jane (By Vrndavana Dasa Thakura). Oh how would I ever be able to relish or understand the transcendental confidential mellows in Radha’s name without touching Nitai’s name? It is a secret. Bhaktisiddhant Saraswati said Nitai and Radharani have a pact, pact means agreement. They have an agreement with each other. All the souls coming, Nitai is accepting. Nitai is binging catch him! Catch him! Bringing all the souls and making them qualified because Radharani does not accept somebody even .001% unqualified. Radharani never accept that soul because Her lila is so high and transcendental. We need to be pure and Radharani is so busy in serving Krishna who will make us pure? Radharani knows that, Radharani has given that sewa to Nitaichand.

☀️ Nitai’s Mercy is Unique

āra kabe nitāi-cānder koruṇā hoibe, saḿsāra-bāsanā mora kabe tuccha ha’be (Prarthana). As Bhaktivinoda Thakur revealed in Navdvipa Dham Mahatmaya 1st chapter that when our heart becomes fully pure then Radha and krishna’s love enters in our heart but with Nitai, Nitai’s mercy the love of Radha and Krishna will enter our heart even when if our heart is impure. Have you ever seen this kind of mercy? Never! svalpa kale aparadha apani palaya; hrdaya sodhita haya prema bade taya. When the love enters our heart then the appradha automatically goes away. But if we have to wait till the appradha is going then it will take millions of lives bahu janma kare yadi śravaṇa, kīrtana tabu ta’ nā pāya kṛṣṇa-pade prema- dhana (CC Adi 8.16). Krishna das Kaviraj many many lives if you do but still you will not get attraction for Krishna’s lotus feet. So what we should do? We should let the prem enter our heart and then automatically we will become purified. And how to do that? nitai chaitanya bali jei jiva dakesuvimala krishna-prema anveshaya take.

.By Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, December 27, 2016, Radhakund.

Transcription Service done by Jahnava Nitai dasi and Vasudha Nitai dasi.

Taste in Hare Krishna Mahamantra Japa 🎥

Taste in Hare Krishna Mahamantra Japa and Crossing Anartha Nivritti in Harinam to get Ruchi
(Duration: 9 Min 30 Sec)

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare! Harinam ruchi is the most essential part of our bhajan because till we have ruchi, we can not cross the stage of anarth nivriti and without crossing anarth nivriti we will not get ruchi. So its like a cycle, we want to chant while remembering the transcendental meaning of every name of the Hare Krishna mahamantra but still it is not revealing itself to us.

atah shri-krishna-namadi
na bhaved grahyam indriyaih
sevonmukhe hi jihvadau
svayam eva sphuraty adah
([Cc. Madhya 17.136])

When we serve the name then the name will reveal, but we need to serve the name offenselessly and purely. If we chant Harinam with ruchi or relish then we can easily chant more than 16 rounds, we wont feel like stopping even if we reach 64 rounds of the Hare Krishna mahamanta. So the whole point is how do we chant with ruchi or taste?

That ruchi comes from someone who has that ruchi and the supreme personification of that ruchi is Nitai chand. He is relishing the name at every moment hari-nāmera mālā gānthi dila jane jane (bhajan: Jaya Jaya Nityananda Rohini Kumara). He strung the garland of Harinam with His own hands, His own tears with the flowers of His own love and He is giving that offenseless Harinam to every soul. So it is very easy. Shrila Prabhupad says just touch Nitai and you will become happy, you will become qualified to chant Harinam. So its very easy, before chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra, simply raise your finger. This finger which is rejected by everyone because of our ego, our fault finding mentality, this stands for vaishnav appradh. So simply raise this finger and offer it to Nitai by writing Nitai’s name in the air and closing your eyes and focusing on every stroke. There are totally 10 strokes in Nitai’s name and they remove all our 10 offenses in Hare Krishna mahamantra. This process is known as Nitai nam dhyan or Nitai vayulekhan or Nitai airwriting or Nitai meditation. Whatever you want to call it. Its extremely powerful. Just 5-10 min before chanting Harinam, try to think of the syllables of Nitai nam by writing in the air.

When you write in the air then you are forced to remember them in your mind and they remove our offensive mentality, they scrub our heart and mind of our envy to the Lord and His devotees and they make us humble like Nitai was humble, akrodha paramānanda nityānanda rāya. He would fall down at the feet of the conditioned souls in a flash. He would not even think twice about it. He did not even think when Madhai was going to hit Him again. So real humility is Nitai and when you touch Nitai just for 5-10 minute before Harinam. You will get goosebumps of bliss. It is one of the ways to make Harinam offenseless, the other way is to chant 64 rounds of Harinam constantly. So try it out. Do Nitai nam dhyan for 5-10 min, then chant panchatattva mantra and then start chanting Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. And you will see that you will be able to relish the taste in Harinam and the Harinam will reveal to you more faster because of Nitai’s mercy because of touching Nitai with your finger, your whole body, your tongue has become offenseless. the air also, when you write in the air, the air touches you. The air from Nitai nam and Krishna never leaves that person who is touched by the air from Nitai’s form or Nitai’s nam according to Caitanya Bhagvat. So try it out! Our Mahamantra will inundate you and you will get glimpse of what Nitai is relishing in Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Thankyou very much. Jay Guruparampara! Jay Prabhupad! Dandavat pranams to all the listeners. Haribol! Jay Jay Shri Radhe Shyam!

(Transcription: “Taste in Hare Krishna Mahamantra Japa and Crossing Anartha Nivritti in Harinam to get Ruchi”, By Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj, October 17, 2016)

A True Spiritual Revolution in the World

🍁 “Now that almost every person will have a smartphone on the planet, production and distribution of free colorful PDF eBooks in many languages is our most important activity. Because now they can take all these eBooks with them on their phones always, wherever they go, and read them even without internet. Always remember that without these eBooks, all our teachings and sharing will have no solid basis.”

🍁 “If Shri Guru wants water, then the Lord wants water. Giving milk instead will neither please Guru nor the Lord. So the first duty of each and every disciple is to stop serving according to one’s preconceived notions and imagining that one is pleasing Guru and the Lord, and eagerly ask and find out the actual way in which Shri Guru wants him or her to serve. This is also what the Lord wants. This is what is glorified in the Gita as “pariprashnena sevaya” and “yasya prasadad bhagavat prasado”.

That is when pure surrendered service really begins. And that can magically bring about a true spiritual revolution in the world, due to the genuine empowerment of the disciple by Shri Guru and Lord Nitai Himself.”

🍁 “Who said that you can touch the Holy Name only with your tongue? Now you can also directly touch the most merciful name of God with your hand through Nitainam Writing, for instantly relishing the pure Hare Krishna Mahamantra.”

🍁 “Name and fame in this world is so temporary. People forget even the most popular people in a few years. So instead of trying to make our ownselves famous, we have to “make them do Nitainam Writing” for relishing pure Harinam, somehow or the other. That should be the aim of everything we do. Directly touching God by Nitainam Writing will make each and every soul eternally famous in the whole creation. So stop being selfish to make only yourself famous, and make every soul worshipable by the demigods.”

~ Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj

Dive Deeper in Harinam and Nitai Kirtan 🎤

Download Harinam Kirtan.

Download Nitai Kirtan.

Above two 3D sound kirtan audios from today’s live katha! Dive deeper, deeper and deeper into the sphurtis of Nam Kirtan.